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How to do Window Repairs?

window repairLet's face it, home repairs are inevitable. Owning a home means on-going home maintenance.Once of the most difficult fixes is the window fix. From a stuck wooden window to a bad mortise plate, troubles that happen to your windows are numerous. Most issues can be fixed easily by the homeowner. Others require a help from specialists.Let's see if your window issue is on our Easy Windw DIY list.

DYI Window Repairs

Wooden windows are notorious for swelling in wet or humid areas. Rubbing wax along the edge of the window where it is stuck can fix it. If this does not work, you may need to cut away some of the wood, this means removing enough of the wood to allow the window to become unstuck. The cut area can be painted when the window has been fixed.


Wood windows also experience movement in wet or damp weather and can make fasteners problematic to open and close, or it can lead to a loose, rattling window. Adjusting the windows positions can fix this issue but does require time and knowledge as this is almost the same process as that of installing a new window and may require the help of a handyman.


Sometimes the sill of the window may be rotten. If this is the case a homeowner can simply replace the sill without the need to replace the entire window frame. Cutting away the rotted part of the sill and replacing it with a new piece of wood is all this home repair should entail. If the window rot is more widespread, the homeowner will need to replace the entire window. Most people can replace a window on their own however many are not comfortable doing this type of window repairs and often hire a specialist for this job.


Broken windows will happen in any home. Removing and replacing a windowpane is not a very difficult job, but doing the job right involves a certain amount of attention and skill, and in some cases, experience. A mortise plate can generally be found on buildings constructed before the arrival of bored cylindrical locks, and they have lately become more common in residential construction and can be found on windows in many homes of all ages. If a mortise-plate for a mortise catch is not fitted correctly it makes the catch hard to use and can stop it from holding the window shut securely. This can be repaired by the homeowner but as with many home repair projects it can be time consuming and requires tools that the homeowner may not have. If the homeowner decides that doing window repairs is not a project they want to do themselves a handyman may be a solution.


DIY home repair can usually be done by homeowners and doing window repairs can be easy and cost effective depending on the type of repair needed and whether or not the homeowner has the time, tools and ability to handle the work.However, if the issue is complicated and you feel like you lack some skills, get a help from experienced professionals.

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