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Redecorating with New Cabinet Handles

freshicon 240Cabinet handles are available on many items, such as kitchen cabinets, dressers, kitchen drawers, vanity cabinets, bathroom cabinets, jewelry boxes, entertainment centers that contain doors, bookcases with doors and many other items. The handles will age over time due to many reasons,like fading, cracking, chipping, loosening, bending, stripping, tarnishing, and even rusting. Even if you regularly clean the handles, they will still show signs of aging.


Materials used in making cabinet handles can include:

  • Metals such as brass, stainless steel, chrome, bronze, satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze, and aluminum.
  • Plastics such as fiberglass and vinyl
  • Wood, which can include pine, poplar, oak, cedar, red oak, etc.

Adding Style


Cabinet handles are available in many colors and designs, which make them easily available in theshape and design that you desire. If you cannot find what you want in stores, you can order it online. Metal cabinet handles are available in a variety of designs, as well as wood handles that can be made into different shapes.


Important Things to Know


Before you go shopping for handles, there are some factors you need to consider. For instance, you will need to buy handles that fit well into the existing screw holes. This is necessary for avoiding cases where you will be forced to drill new holes in order for the handles to fit.


If you do find handles you truly want that are wider, you will need to measure the spacing between the holes. Finally, you need know the exact number of cabinet handles which you need for the repair exercise.


If you need any remodeling done or need assistance with replacing your drawer pulls and handles, Punch Out Plus in Columbus, OH can do it for you and help you decide on your style and design.

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