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hilliard oh removed vinyl floor and replaced with ceramic tile installed custom ceramic tile back splash during 1 415 600 450 80Cabinets are one of the most useful storage resources in a home; from the pots and pans to the non-perishable foods, they store all kinds of useful items. They’re also a vital part of the overall décor of your kitchen.


Many homeowners are turning to department stores for generic, some-assembly-required cabinets for their homes; so why personalize your kitchen with custom kitchen cabinets? Well, it’s simple: Just like with everything else in your home, quality is important. You want long-lasting cabinets that fit with the design and dimensions of your kitchen. Custom kitchen cabinets allow you to add your own personal style along with many other benefits.


Benefits of Custom Kitchen Cabinets

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Detailed with a perfect fit
  • Choice of high-quality wood
  • Choice of style, finish, and hardware



Custom kitchen cabinets last significantly longer when compared to readymade cabinets. This is most likely because you have the freedom to choose from a variety of high-quality wood, and because you will have a professional who will be specifically designing cabinets for you, meaning they will pay much more attention to detail than the workers creating mass-produced products.


Perfect fit


The main problem with buying readymade cabinets is that not every kitchen can accommodate a One Size Fits All style; more than that, the workers in these factories are working incredibly fast and the results can be sloppy with mismatching pieces, damaged wood, or the wrong dimensions. You may need taller, shorter, or wider cabinets in order to get that perfect fit without the use of fillers and the only way to 100% ensure that is to invest in custom kitchen cabinets.


High-Quality Wood, Style, Finish, and Hardware


Custom kitchen cabinets provide homeowners with the option to choose high-quality wood, style, finish, and hardware to fit each individual’s specific needs. You can determine how many shelves to install, how tall they need to be in order to accommodate the foods and household items you normally store, and so on. Call Punch Out Plus to personalize your kitchen with custom kitchen cabinets today. 

3315 101413 gs3315Drywall – also called gypsum board, plasterboard, or wallboard – is a panel of gypsum plaster squeezed between a pair of thick paper sheets. It is mainly used to make ceilings and interior walls. It is so common in construction today and it is now the faster, preferred alternative to traditional lath and plaster.


Causes of Water Damage


Unfortunately, drywall is susceptible to water damage and must be repaired as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Common problems that lead to water damaged drywall include:

  • Pipe damage
  • Chronic condensation
  • Toilet plumbing problems
  • Roof, attic, or foundation leaks
  • Natural disasters, such as tornadoes and hurricanes

If the water damage is extensive, you may need to replace the drywall as opposed to repairing it. Water damage causes it to warp and sag, and it can even fall off if not properly repaired or replaced in time. Fortunately, drywall is easy to repair and replace.


Punch Out Plus offers professional handyman services, including drywall installation and repair. Their highly skilled staff will be able to determine whether your drywall needs to be repaired or replaced entirely.


Recognizing Water Damage


You may not see the water pooling or even notice that there is water damage until it is too late. The first sign to look for in the ceiling are depressions around the fasteners. Small dimples will begin to form as the drywall begins drooping/sagging; it will end up looking like an upside down crater.


If you notice these small indentations, it is important to remove all valuables from the room to prepare for a ceiling collapse. If you see bubbles start to form, there could be sitting water on the other side. It is recommended that you puncture the area with a nail or other sharp object to allow the water to drain into a bucket underneath.


Your own two hands are also valuable tools when it comes to checking for water damaged drywall. Poke the drywall with your fingers and test the structural integrity; if it still feels firm, chances are it is probably okay; however, if it is soft or spongy, the area will need to be carefully cut out and replaced.


Risks of Delaying Repair


Simply put, your house will begin to fall apart if you delay repairing your water damaged drywall. Water critically compromises the integrity of drywall; with the weight of the water and the compromised structural integrity of the gypsum core, the drywall panels will tear away from the fasteners until the entire roof eventually drops to the floor.


Another common problem of water damage is mold. Mold and mildew thrive in warm, moist environments. Wet drywall is the perfect environment for mold and will only rack up your repair bill. Tackling the problem as soon as possible will help you to avoid further damages and costly repairs.

2467 101413 gs2467If you are a pet owner, you know that your furry friends are a huge responsibility. The most important things to do as a responsible owner are to make sure that your pets are spending enough time outdoors without being locked outside, and that they are able to use the restroom whenever they need to in order to avoid cleaning up “accidents” around the house.


If you have yet to install a dog or cat door in your home, the professionals at Punch Out Plus in Columbus, OH are ready to help you. There are many benefits to installing a dog or cat door, including:

  • Reduced whining and scratching—and damage—at the door
  • More exercise and freedom for your pets
  • Less dependency on owners (for bathroom breaks and playtime, etc)
  • Fewer potty accidents and less cleaning

It is highly recommended that you hire a professional if this is your first handyman project, but it is possible to do the installment yourself by following these simple steps: Use a template to trace the door outline, cut a hole, and install the door.


Trace the Door


Place your template on the surface where the door will be installed and trace it with a pencil. Pet doors that you can buy in pet stores will come with a template to use or you can make one yourself by cutting out a measured piece of cardboard. The inside corners of the outline should have X marks.


Drill Holes


Using a half-inch drill bit, drill holes into the X marks that you made in the last step. It is important to ensure that these holes do not extend further than the outline. If the door you plan to install needs screws, you need to drill screw holes along with the holes on the X’s.


Cut Out the Door


Cut out the outline of the door using a jigsaw. Start from one of the holes you drilled into the X’s and proceed along the trace you made with a pencil until you have the entire door cut out.


Insert the Frame


From outside of the door, insert the frame into the opening—leaving the flap out—and fasten it into the inner frame that is attached to the flap. Finally, fasten the door with screws while holding it in place.


Following these simple steps, you’ll have a new pet door that you and your pets can all appreciate. Call a handyman at Punch Out Plus if you want a professional to do the job for you.

1791724 wooden floor 040214 1538If you’re planning on building or remodeling your home, one major decision you must make is whether you want to install carpet or hardwood flooring.


While you may think price is the only factor to consider before making a decision, you should also consider such factors as durability, ease of cleaning, and aesthetic appeal. Here is a brief overview of the pros and cons of both carpet and hardwood flooring:




Carpet is an inexpensive and classic option for any home. It’s soft, comfortable, and retains heat well on chilly mornings. Studies have shown that standing bare foot on carpet for at least 15 minutes a day is linked to reduced stress. It is also a wonderful option if you have children since they are not at risk for slipping; however, stains are much more prominent on carpet and it must be treated and maintained carefully. It is also worth noting that if you have pets, carpet can be problematic if you also have allergy-prone members in your household. Dander, pet hair, dust, and debris are all easily harbored in carpet flooring.


Hardwood Flooring


When it comes to carpet vs. hardwood flooring, most homeowners will agree that hardwood has a much more elegant and sophisticated appearance. Not only is it more aesthetically appealing, but it is also easier to maintain and less prone to staining. If you or your family members are sensitive to allergens, hardwood is the best choice since its smooth and solid surface cannot harbor microorganisms that cause allergies.


Hardwood flooring is generally more durable and can easily be refinished in cases of damage. Its versatility appeals to many homeowners, and it can personalized and styled with rugs and other home décor. Its timeless appearance makes it a wonderful choice for your home.


Some cons to consider include the higher price of hardwood flooring over carpet, and if you have children, you must also take safety precautions to ensure that they do not slip while running or playing. Over time, the floorboards may also begin to creak, but this can easily be repaired by the professionals at Punch Out Plus in Columbus, OH. From installations to repairs, their highly skilled staff is ready to help you with all your flooring needs.

bathroomPlanning a bathroom remodel? It is easy to get overwhelmed with the endless amount of options for everything from the style of shower head to the color of the walls. Bathroom cabinetry is one of those things you could search through for hours on end, so here are a few tips to consider when it comes to selecting cabinets:


When it comes to choosing wood for your cabinetry, the three most important things to consider are type, color, and grain.


Type, Color, and Grain


The two types of wood are hard and soft. Hardwood is a product of broad-leafed trees, such as maple, cherry, and oak. Softwood comes from needle-bearing evergreen trees, such as pine, spruce, and cedar. These names can be misleading; hardwood does not necessarily mean that the material is harder or denser and the same applies to softwood.


Like every human being, every tree is unique. With so many different color shades – even from the same type of wood – and unique patterns, the possibilities are endless. It is important to pick the color that will best suit you and your home. Most homeowners are opting to match their bathroom cabinetry with the kitchen cabinets. This is a good option if you want a uniform appearance throughout your home.


Grain is something like a tree’s fingerprint. Each piece of wood will have its own grain patterns and markings that are completely unique to that piece of wood. Different types of grain include fine, straight, cross, spiral, wavy, curly, and arch.


Research and Plan Ahead


It is important to utilize the available space as efficiently as possible. Envision how you want everything to look and make sure that your expectations are reasonable for the space you have to work with. The professionals at Punch Out Plus in Columbus, OH will be able to assist you with design planning and recommendations.


Design books and magazines are a great place to look for ideas, and visiting designer showrooms will give you a chance to visualize the style you want. Without going over-budget, carefully choose the materials you want to use and the amenities you’d like to incorporate: For example, if the bathroom is shared by multiple people, you may want additional storage space and/or built-in drawer dividers.


Add Lighting


Lighting is a wonderful way to add style to your bathroom cabinetry. Light rails and other types of built-in illuminations are a popular trend among homeowners and for good reason. Various design styles include art deco, contemporary, modern glamour, or traditional.


DIY or Call a Professional


If you have some handyman skills, it is possible to install your bathroom cabinets on your own; however, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional for the job. Not only will they be able to offer high-quality work, but they will be able to determine the best way to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

upper arlington oh front entry door replacemement finished 13 600 450 80The entry door of a home serves several purposes: It secures your home and family from burglars; it protects you from the outside elements, such as wind and rain; it is also the first thing your guests see before entering your home. If you want to give the perfect first impression, it is important to have the perfect entry door. The skilled professionals at Punch Out Plus in Columbus, OH will be able to assist you with door installation.


An entry door needs to be strong and durable to ensure that it’s secure, but you also want it to be aesthetically appealing and fit the style of your home. A high-quality door will not only keep intruders out, but it should also resist warping and denting. There are four popular materials to consider when choosing an entry door: Wood, vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass.




Wood is a natural material that is beautiful and relatively durable. It is also versatile enough to fit a wide range of color schemes and a variety of design styles. On the downside, wood is not a suitable selection if you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, such as heavy winds, snow, or rain year round; it will need to be replaced sooner than other materials.




Vinyl doors are a popular choice and are most preferred by those living in high-moisture climates. This is because vinyl doors do not absorb moisture, and – at the same time – they do not require repainting. The downside is that the selection of vinyl designs is limited as far as aesthetics are concerned, but they make up for their lack of pretty patterns by being energy efficient and keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.




Fiberglass, like vinyl, is also weatherproof. If you are skeptical about using vinyl due to the limited design availability, fiberglass is the perfect solution since it can be made to look like wood. Unlike wood, however, fiberglass doors will not swell, warp, or scratch due to extreme weather conditions and changes in temperature, making them much easier to maintain.




Aluminum doors offer an extremely affordable option with a clean design. Homeowners and contractors alike prefer aluminum because of its heavy-duty strength. It is also available in a wide variety of colors to match any home style.


Call a handyman at Punch Out Plus today to install your new entry door.

4997-101413-gs4997Drywall holes can be as small as a tiny picture nail or can require a massive repair. However, sealing small holes in your drywall is one of the easiest home repair tasks to complete. Below is a step by step guide that will make the repair easy:




You will need sandpaper, spackle, and a putty knife.


Steps to Repair:

  • Sandpaper all around the edges of the hole to remove raised edges around the hole and roughen the paint
  • Use a putty knife to apply spackle to fill the hole
  • After spackle dries it may shrink, so another layer may be necessary
  • Sand the area smooth after the spackle dries
  • Prime the area for painting

Finally, paint over the patched area. And if the area to be patched is too big to be filled with spackle, you may need an additional piece of drywall to patch the hole. And it may be necessary to hire a professional to repair your wall. This is often the best choice if the hole is a larger size and you want to make sure you won’t have issues with the repaired area in the future. If you are in the Columbus, Ohio area and would like the professional assistance with your drywall repair, then do not hesitate to contact Punch Out Plus, L.L.C.

blank-corner-1013tm-pic-2107Keeping your walls in good condition is easier said than done, especially in areas where there is a lot of traffic. And damage may sometimes occur when you are carrying heavy objects and may not maneuver the corners correctly, which can leadto bumps and chipping. However, there is an easy way to protect your corners:


Corner Guards


Corner guards are bumper-like contraptions that absorb impact and energy without being damaged. Corner guards can be installed either horizontally or vertically and at any height you want. They are especially useful in drum storage areas and loading docks. Once you install the corner guards, heavy machinery and equipment can bump against walls but the damage will be prevented. Corner guards are tough and can be used both inside and outside.


Wide Range of Available Material Choices


Wall corner guards offer impact protection and are made in a wide range of materials. You can get stainless steel corner guards, heavy duty rubber guards, clear corner guards, or vinyl corner guards. 


This is just one way to protect your walls. If you need help installing something like this, or need help repairing your damaged walls, the professional at Punch Out Plus in Columbus, Ohio would be happy to assist you with all your carpentry needs.

painter2Painting your ceilings is a regular practice these days. However, there are tricks to painting your ceiling, particularly when you decided to alter the color. Selecting your color for your ceiling is a significant part of enhancing your home decor. Below are some tips for enhancing your ceiling décor:


Color Scheme Choices


There are lots of choices for your color scheme, and it all depends on your personal style:

  • You can select the exact same color for the walls as well as the ceiling
  • You could select two colors, one for the ceiling and one for the walls
  • And if you have slanted ceiling, you could even incorporate three colors for contrast.The advantage of selecting three colors is that you may bring focus to the slanted ceiling, which is usually an extremely intriguing aspect of the room.

Ceiling Texturing


Another option for your ceiling is to opt for a popcorn-textured look. Ceiling texture mixture is available at most hardware or home supply stores and is easy to apply. Once the texture is applied and dry, you can apply the color you desire to it.


Ceiling Medallion


You can add traditional appeal and visual interest to your ceiling fixture by installing a ceiling medallion. A ceiling medallion is a special kind of decorative molding that is placed around your light or fan fixtures.


While all the above options are easy to do, you may opt to have a professional handle the painting or carpentry job for you. And if you do, the wonderful staff at Punch Out Plus in Columbus, Ohio would be happy to help!

empty-interior-of-vintage-room-with-gray-stone-wall-and-wood-floor-913-729Have you noticed chairs damaging the walls in your home? It is very important to protect your walls with chair rail molding in order to avoid being damaged by chairs.While this can be a simple DIY (do-it-yourself) project, you may opt to hire professionals. And if you would like to hire professionals for the job and you live in the Columbus, Ohio area, then don’t hesitate to callPunch Out Plus, a company that specializes in home carpentry projects, to assist you.Below are the tools you will need and the installation process:


Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Nail punch
  • Putty knife
  • Miter saw
  • Sand paper
  • Caulking gun
  • Try square
  • Hammer
  • Chair rail molding
  • Wood filler
  • Finishing nails
  • Interior grade caulk
  • Paint or stain

Installation Process


The most popular woods that are used when fabricating chair rail moldings include: oak, maple and poplar. Simple chair rail molding styles are often used for small rooms but in most cases it will depend on your personal preference and budget.




Determining the measurements and marking the level lines


Measure the length of the walls so as to determine the amount of chair rail moldings that you will need. You also need to measure the height from the ceiling and then divide it by 3 (so that the chair rail will be 1/3 of the total height from the floor).


Marking and cutting the molding


Mark the molding for your first piece at your miter saw starting with an inside corner. After that, cut a piece of molding for each stretch of the wall (for the corners, use 45-degree angled cuts).


Attaching the molding to the wall


Once you have cut all your molding pieces, begin installing them (starting with an inside corner). Ensure that you align the bottom of the molding with the levels you marked earlier. Attach the pieces with wood glue then with the help of a pneumatic nailer & finishing nails, secure it to the wall. You can also insert the nails into the high parts to prevent splitting.


Finishing touches


 Once you have finished installing all the chair rail moldings, the final step is to smooth the surface and apply the paint. You can recess the nail heads with a nail set and then use a wood filler to cover up the nail holes. Use a sand paper to smooth the puttied nail holes and the joints and then apply caulk to the edge where the chair rail molding meets the wall. Finally, apply the paint to give it a beautiful, finished look.

5452-101413-gs5452A kitchen suffers from constant exposure to traffic every day, especially since it holds what homeowners need on a daily basis. By implementing some creative organizational ideas, you can make it more efficient and cleaner.


1. Coordinate Containers


In the past, metal baskets were used to store milk bottles as well as other groceries. Today, these storage units are great for your kitchen. To get the maximum effect from their use, get similar containers but with varying shapes and sizes. Next, have the baskets lined with canvas and then group them together so as to organize a whole room full of odds and ends.


2. Label Spices


You can create visual harmony with select items by moving them to plain jars and tagging the containers with self-adhesive labels. The upgraded collection will not only be attractive, but also easier to scan since you cannot mistake cinnamon for cumin.


The ideas here will enhance your kitchen and its efficiency. The chef will definitely like it, whether it is you or others. The organization will make the room look better and help prevent clutter, as well as accidents. If you need more than just simple organization,


3. Pot Lid Organizer


The trick to eliminating an endless search for the right lid amongst a large pile is storing them neatly. Place a wooden peg rack inside a cupboard and then vertically line up lids between the pegs. Also, you could attach graduated racks to the door. The lids need to be arranged from the smallest one to the largest one and make sure that the related pans are close by.


In utilizing these suggestions, you will make your kitchen not only more organized and efficient, but also more appealing to visitors. If you began to feel that you need more than just organization, Punch Out Plus in Columbus, OH can perform home improvement projects that include paint, floors, cabinets, windows, walls, electrical work, and more.

358-101413-gs0358Air conditioning systems are designed to ensure the temperature inside homes and offices does not fall or exceed the set level. To derive maximum benefits from this system, you should have it checked regularly, especially before the onset of winter and summer seasons. Here are some maintenance procedures that should be carried out often.


Check filters: The main role of the filters in to protect internal components of system from dust and other forms of debris. Overtime, they get clogged up and so it’s recommendable to clean them at least once or twice per year depending on weather conditions in your locality. Replace them with new ones if found faulty to prevent overheating.


Thermostat: This is an important gadget that turns the air conditioner on or off depending on the temperature around its vicinity. Woe unto you if it’s faulty as your system will not function properly. Hence, you should check the thermostat to be sure that it is accurate and working well.


Check fans: Their main mandate is to facilitate distribution of cold or hot air in and out of the system. A well maintained air conditioner has quality fans that smoothly rotate when turned on. Carefully look at the manner in which the fans turn to determine their condition. For example, consider readjusting them if they produce some creaky noise when rotating. More importantly, they should be balanced.


Ductwork: The also help to distribute air especially in huge air conditioning systems. To prevent leakages, check all joints to eliminate any leakages. There are adhesives which are specifically formulated to rectify cracks on ductwork that you can apply without necessary hiring a professional.


Finally, the entire system should be cleaned to remove dust that accumulates on its surface and internal parts. This will enhance its overall performance and increase its lifespan. Ensure that you adhere to cleaning guidelines provided to do it right.


If you need assistance with your air conditioner or simply just need a home improvement project completed, Punch Out Plus in Columbus, OH can get you what you need.

268-101413-gs0268The basement of many houses may be decorated with cobwebs, littered with boxes, or may feature exposed wiring and plumbing. However, it may also have great potential, offering more space and comfort to your house. Additionally, a renovated cellar can add significant value to your house, whether you decide to turn it into a home office, bedroom, family room, or basement suite. Preparation is the secret, as you'd anticipate with any interior remodeling. You should take a while to develop a well-thought out strategy of the transforming design to plan around on before you begin to renovate your basement. You'll likely need to contemplate the best way to renovate lighting, the ceiling, and flooring after you have selected a goal for the room.


Basement Renovation Ideas:




Clearly, before you renovate, you would like to know what you plan for your cellar. Your options will be quite different depending on how you plan to use the space: another family space will be different than constructing a home office. Finally, all your renovation choices will be directed by the function of your cellar. A home office should contain desks, shelves, and storage space, while a children's play room should have a spot for playthings, long-lasting flooring, and window coverings that are washable. Thus, when you begin to plan your cellar renovation let your decorating choices are driven by the function of the room.


The Ceiling


One component of a cellar that'll more often than not need renovation is the ceiling. Most unfinished basements additionally have a bare ceiling where plumbing pipes, electric cables, and heat ducts are visible. As such, you should evaluate your needs with regards to your plumbing and electric conditions. You might have to create access panels for plumbing and electric systems, and as such you might need to install a suspended ceiling. Suspended ceilings are both alluring and practical as regards feature a power system of ceiling panels that can readily be transferred. Suspended ceilings are also accessible a variety of colors and attractive styles to allow them to fit any cellar renovation.




The flooring of your cellar must also follow the function. A home gym needs long-lasting flooring that's readily cleaned, like linoleum or tiles. On the other hand, carpeting or hardwood flooring makes an appealing and comfortable alternative for spaces that are family- or comfort-oriented. Recall that cellars have a tendency to pile up more moisture, so you will need to install a subflooring or select a flooring alternative that's repellent to water.


Be True to You


Finally, your renovation is your job and you need to be true to your own style and preferences. Select colors you find relaxing or energizing or inspiring.  Decorate in a way you’ll love!


Before you finalize your plans, it’s a great idea to check with professionals. An experienced handyman, like Punch Out Plus in Columbus, Ohio, can give you insight into all of the considerations and options in your renovation. 

home-renovation-1113tm-pic-1786The exterior of your home creates the first and most important perception about you. There are various exterior remodeling ideas you may want to explore to update your home. Some of the unique and easy remodeling ideas to lift up and rejuvenate a tired old exterior decor are outlined below.

  • Adding Architectural Details

You can add things such as patios and flowers to the exterior of your home. Patios are great way to enjoy the exterior of your home as well as entertaining guests. Flowers and other garden plants give your home a beautiful appearance, as well as offering a natural beauty to your home.

  • Roofing

You can change your roofing to make your home look more appealing and superb. The choice of the roofing depends on your budget andyour desired look. Install durable roofing that will withstand weather elements, while still giving your home that pretty modern look.

  • Exterior Walls

You might opt for a new paint job on your exterior walls, but there are other options as well. However, applying a different exterior material, such as stucco, will bring more unique appeal. Stucco is a special exterior cement that is meant to make walls look textured, and lasts for a long period of time. You can also decide to add or replace stones to the walls, but can be moretime consuming and costly. Another basic option would be vinyl siding, or wood siding.

  • Entrance and Exit

Your home entrance is probably one of the most crucial aspects of your exterior that is simple to update. You can spruce up your entrance with elegant front doors as well as possibly adding a cover to the front porch.There are good-looking and robust doors out there that will make your home look anew. Sliding glass doors or French doors are a popular choice for back door options.


No matter your tastes, refurbishing the exterior of your home is necessary to create good curb appeal as well as making your home feel new again. Punch Out Plus LLC in Columbus, Ohio would be happy to assist you in updating your home.

26-101413-gs0026Of course you want your gutters to stay clean in order for them to work correctly, which is why you have thought of buying a gutter guard. But if you do an internet search, you realize that there are so many gutter guards available that vary not only in price but also appearance. The following are the three things to consider when shopping for a gutter guard.

  • Materials

Insist on a gutter guard that has been made of only the highest-quality materials. You may buy the type made using a transparent aluminum mesh that lets water seep through it but the problem is that in most cases, these types have vertical slots that tend to trap smaller debris. Other gutter covers have been made from sturdy plastic or metal, and these will give your guttering system enclosed appearance.

  • Installation

When it comes to gutter guards, you need to decide if you will need to contract a pro to install it for you or if you can tackle the installation. Good gutter guards will often include the cost of installation in their price quotes. However, you can still buy the materials only and then install it yourself, which is cheaper.

  • Guarantees

While many gutter guard companies often guarantee their work, it is important that you get to know just what the guarantee actually includes. Do not fall for companies that offer vague warranty coverage only on the durability of product. Make sure that the warranty also covers gutter guard installation.


When choosing the best gutter guard for you it is important that you assess your drainage and guttering needs in deciding the system. It is only at that juncture that you will be able to find the gutter guard that is best for you. If you need assistance installing gutter guards on your home, Punch Out Plus LLC of Columbus, Ohio would be happy to oblige.

industrial-background-2-913-957Harsh environmental factors can lead to metal and plastic gutters getting damaged or dislodged, causing gutter leaks. Gutter leaks can cause water damage to the exterior of your home, as well as flooding in your yard. Fortunately, dealing with a leaking gutter system is not too tricky, and can be achieved with these few steps:

  • Identifying the Leak

A leaking seam can be easily identified if there is a heavy rain. The downpours from the roof are the indication of the leaks. If leaves or any other materials are seen hanging around of a particular seam, then you know that is an indication of a leak.

  • Disconnect the Seam

A seam is where two sections of gutter pieces overlap, which is where you would disconnect them. A utility knife can be used to cut through the intercepted parts and screwdriver can be used to remove the screws. Then, you can easily remove the pieces by pulling them apart.

  • Cleanup

You must use a wire brush to remove any rust, as rust is a major factor in gutter leaks and must be removed. Also, be sure you haven’t left any debris or caulk on either side. Be sure to check the joints as well.

  • Gutter Leaks Fixing

Utilize a caulking gun to line the inward lip of the gutter known as the downhill. Bring down the other bit of gutter, the tough, into the downhill level and press them out for a few seconds to verify you equally distribute the caulk. Reapply all pieces that make the crease and reinsert the screws.


Using these easy tipsgutter leaks can be sealed easily and efficiently. However, if you find that you would rather have professional help with the repairs, or that your gutter system needs to be replaced, Punch Out Plus LLC of Columbus, Ohio would be happy to assist you.

home-1013tm-pic-2516No matter how good your home’s gutter system may look, there are times when problems will arise. Maintaining the gutter system is less costly when compared to having most parts of your house, if not the entire house, damaged by water that doesn’t drain properly. The best news is that most gutter issues can be easily fixed and are just simple steps that do not require professional handyman services. The following tips will help protect your gutters against the buildup of natural debris or shingle particles.


Install Downspout Extensions


The first and important step you need to take to protect your family is to create a maintenance schedule for downspout extensions. These should be cleaned at least twice a year and should be checked regularly for clogs. Additionally, inspect the gutters and extensions for rust, fungal growth, holes, and splash marks. Leaves and debris may also buildup during the fall season and should thus be inspected and cleared frequently.


Consider Automatic Downspout Extensions


These are a great way to redirect the water from your home when there is a clear path to a better disposal place for the water. Rollout downspout extensions are one of the best choice as they stay neat, unrolling themselves when it starts to rain and guide the water far enough away as you stay warm inside your house. This helps to reduce soil erosion and damage to the landscape.


Install Gutter Guards and Seal Any Leaks


Gutter guards are usually installed on top of the gutters to prevent clogging from leaves, debris, or pine needles. These are very important especially if there are large deciduous trees around that drop leaves that clog rain gutters, leading to spillovers, mold growth, or soil erosion. Moreover, before replacing an entire section of your gutter system, inspect first as it could require a repair of small leaks. If you identify any leaks, clean up the problem are by applying a gutter seal.


If you find that your gutter problems have gone too far, check with a professional team like Punch Out Plus in Columbus, Ohio.

painterwithbucketAre you looking for the best way to improve the overall look of your house? There are some useful tips that can help you feel completely comfortable in your property, like decorating your home with fresh paint. Painting your rooms can improve the overall appearance of your house. There are several types of paint that are available today, so you should compare some available products and select the best one for yourself. There are some important factors that you have to consider, like surface options, color choices, gloss options, tone level, cleanup options, and many other factors.


1. Choose the right color.


This is the first thing that you need to know so you are able to paint your house the way you want. There are many color choices that are available today, and you can also mix and match several colors to get your favorite design. Make sure that you combine all of your favorite colors well: the painting color should match the color of your furniture and any other items in your house. Finding the right color is very important to improve the overall look of your house.


2. Choose the surface option.


There are a lot of painting products these days. and different products are made for different projects. You can determine the right surface option that suits your needs. There are some characteristics that you need to consider, like strong adhesion, mildew resistance, water resistance, and some other features. Knowing these characteristics will help you find your favorite paint easily. Different painting products can provide different effects on your walls.


3. Take a look at the gloss level.


Gloss, or the finish of the paint, is another important thing that you should know when you choose your favorite paint. There are several options that are available today: gloss, semi-gloss, high gloss, flat, satin, and some other options. High gloss level can provide good protection on your walls. It is recommended that you use the satin or semi-gloss paint for your walls, and you can use the medium and high gloss for protecting your furniture, like bookshelves and cabinets.


4. Determine the amount of paint that you need.


Before you start painting your house, you should consider how much paint you will actually need. This factor is will help you prepare all the essential items properly. You should determine the amount of paint that you need for painting your house, and you can take a look at the paint cans when you want to determine the coverage area. This coverage area is usually specified in square feet, and it is recommended that you discuss with the sellers when you are planning to determine the total amount of paint that you need easily.


They are some useful tips that you should consider before you can start painting your house. It is important to compare some available products, so you are able to find the best paint for yourself. Some high quality painting products are available in certain home improvement stores and online shops. You should be able to find a lot of types of products that are available today.


If you need some help in getting the job done in your home, check with a professional handyman or painter, like Punch Out Plus in Columbus, Ohio.

modern-dining-room-in-home-1013tm-pic-1183Countertops serve various purposes in your kitchen, from food dicing and chopping to preparing the meals for the week. But the countertops also serve as a visual aspect, and bring the entire kitchen space together. If you are considering interior remodeling, installing new countertops may be a first stop. Of course, the material is the first thing you have to consider, and these are a few of the most common homeowners choose.


Quartz -


This is made of natural stone and is one of the most durable materials available. Knives won't damage it, heat and water won't damage it, and they are sturdy. They also fight bacteria and are easier to maintain than granite. They are not as uniform or sturdy as granite, but the counters are glossy, look good, and provide a great choice for those who want both affordability and durability.


Synthetic (laminate) -


The laminate countertops are constructed using:

  • - Particle board or plywood.
  • - Sheeted surfaces.
  • - Acrylic materials.

All of these are easy to install, they are versatile, and they’re affordable. The counters do not stain easily and are extremely easy to care for. Acrylic surfaces also allows you to choose from more variety and design aspects. A couple factors to consider are heat and scratches as the synthetic material from which the counters are made makes them prone to heat damage and scratches; a cutting board and heat pad should solve the problem.


Granite -


Because of the aesthetic appeal, granite is the most commonly chosen countertop material. Design is unique as no two counters are similar; they are also scratch resistant and won't get dirty easily. You can choose from sandblasted, brushed, or polished surfaces as well. They are, however; difficult to maintain, they can chip easily, and require constant care. On the flip side, they are gorgeous, and although they are pricier, they do increase resale value.


Other materials -


Lava stone, concrete, steel, and marble, are a few of the other choices from which homeowners can choose, as well. Special treatment is required with most of these materials, and each has drawbacks and benefits, which homeowners should consider before making the final choice of material.


When you’re looking for help installing your new countertops, check with professionals like the team at Punch Out Plus in Columbus, Ohio.

freshicon 240Cabinet handles are available on many items, such as kitchen cabinets, dressers, kitchen drawers, vanity cabinets, bathroom cabinets, jewelry boxes, entertainment centers that contain doors, bookcases with doors and many other items. The handles will age over time due to many reasons,like fading, cracking, chipping, loosening, bending, stripping, tarnishing, and even rusting. Even if you regularly clean the handles, they will still show signs of aging.


Materials used in making cabinet handles can include:

  • Metals such as brass, stainless steel, chrome, bronze, satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze, and aluminum.
  • Plastics such as fiberglass and vinyl
  • Wood, which can include pine, poplar, oak, cedar, red oak, etc.

Adding Style


Cabinet handles are available in many colors and designs, which make them easily available in theshape and design that you desire. If you cannot find what you want in stores, you can order it online. Metal cabinet handles are available in a variety of designs, as well as wood handles that can be made into different shapes.


Important Things to Know


Before you go shopping for handles, there are some factors you need to consider. For instance, you will need to buy handles that fit well into the existing screw holes. This is necessary for avoiding cases where you will be forced to drill new holes in order for the handles to fit.


If you do find handles you truly want that are wider, you will need to measure the spacing between the holes. Finally, you need know the exact number of cabinet handles which you need for the repair exercise.


If you need any remodeling done or need assistance with replacing your drawer pulls and handles, Punch Out Plus in Columbus, OH can do it for you and help you decide on your style and design.

toilet-1113tm-pic-128Whether you are replacing a toilet with a low flow unit in order to reduce water consumption or just want to change the look of your bathroom, replacing it is an easy task that any homeowner can do. Putting a new toilet in is not too difficult, though there are a few steps that you should follow. If all goes well, you will be able to replace the toilet in less than two hours. Here is a look at the steps to get your toilet looking great again.


Step 1: Turn off water supply


You need turn off the water supply before doing any kind of work. This is done by turning off the knob on the wall that's connected to the unit by a metal tube. When the water is disconnected, flush the toilet in order to completely drain out the water and empty the tank. If there is still some water, clear the tank using a sponge.


Step 2: Unscrew nuts to remove the bowl and toilet


Once the water supply is disconnected, remove the tank and then remove the bowl. Loosen the two bolts under the tank to remove it, and then detach the toilet from the floor by loosening two bolts on the side of the toilet. When all the bolts are removed, lift the toilet up and place it somewhere on the side.


Step 3: Install the new tank and toilet


Before installing the new toilet and tank, it is a good idea to clean up the area. Once the area is tidied up, it’s time to install the whole system. At the bottom of the tank, place the rubber-spud washer with its bevel-shape side into the middle opening(where the water flows into the bowl). You will need this later.


Second, place the wax ring or similar product onto the bottom of the bowl. After that step is completed, place the bowl over the sewer pipe and install the two floor bolts that hold it in place. Next, place the tank onto the bowl and mount the screws that hold it in place. Finally, reconnect the water pipe to the valve of the tank to finalize the replacement.


In closing, upgrading your toilet to a new one will enhance the overall appeal of your bathroom just as much as cleaning the room does. If you are concerned with running into problems or messing things up, Punch Out Plus in Columbus, OH can install it for you.

gs-glyphicon toiletYour home looks good, but how does the bathroom look? The floor looks wonderful but then you look at the toilet. It takes away from the hard efforts of cleaning the room. If your toilet looks rough, whether from wear and tear or just from showing its age; it may be time for a new toilet installation. It is usually a fairly easy process, although it may feel scary to think about pulling it out. Here are some helpful guidelines to get your bathroom looking great with a new toilet.

Step 1: Shut Off the Water Supply and Remove Line

The first that needs done before doing any kind of work involves shutting the water off that goes to the toilet. Most of the time, there is a shutoff valve located under the back of the toilet. It comes up from the floor through a supply line. Simply shut that off and flush the toilet to drain it.

Once you have shut off the water supply, you can remove the supply line going to the toilet. It is helpful to have a bucket underneath to catch any remaining water in the supply line or the tank.

Step 2: Remove the Tank and the Toilet

Now that you have all water removed and shut off, you can begin removing the tank from the toilet. There are usually 2 bolts under the tank just below the toilet. Loosen and remove the bolts then remove the tank.

Now that the tank is gone, you can begin detaching the toilet from the floor. There are usually 2 bolts with 1 on each side of the toilet. Remove the toilet caps if they exist and then loosen and remove the bolts. Once the bolts are removed, you can lift the toilet up and place it down elsewhere. Just place something disposable on the floor so the toilet does not ruin the flooring. There is wax from the wax ring on the bottom of the toilet that attaches to the drain pipe for sealing the toilet drain.

Step 3: Clean the Area

It is a good idea while you have the toilet gone to clean the floor in that area. Some degreaser and paper towels will often work well. You can also try mopping or grabbing a sponge and some soap.

Step 4: Install New Toilet

A wax ring seals the toilet opening to the sewer drain that is coming up from the floor. Inspect the sewer drain for damage and check where the floor sits in relation to it. Make sure the new wax ring will be thick enough to crush-seal. They make wax extender rings to assist with difficult situations. Apply the wax ring to the bottom of the toilet and place it over the sewer drain. Before placing the tank on the toilet, pour a huge bucket of water down the toilet to verify that the seal is working properly. Some colorant in the water may help with visibility. If all looks good, install the tank onto the toilet.

Step 5: Reattach Water Supply

Install a new supply line and/or shutoff valve. If the old valve looks good, you can reuse it. Attach the line and the shutoff together, and then attach the line to the toilet. Turn the water back on and check for leaks. If all is good. Test the toilet.

Exterior Remodeling Columbus OhioSummer is coming (eventually!), and it’s important to make sure that your home has made it through the winter in one place so that you can fully enjoy your summer without major house repairs.


The best thing you can do for your home is look around. Anything that got overlooked or buried under snow in the winter months needs to be addressed now—sooner rather than later will save you a lot of work and money!


1. Check Your Gutters. Gutters can easily get weighted down with snow or clogged with debris such as leaves, pine needles, and twigs. Grab a ladder and take a good look in your gutters. If they need cleaning, you can clean them yourself or call a professional handyman .


If your gutters are bent or broken, you’ll want to get them replaced before misplaced water can do damage to your home. Taking quick action will save you in the long run!


2. Check the Roof. While you’re up there, take a look at your roof. Is it missing shingles? Does it look like any part of it is bent or sagging? Are there noticeable bare patches where granuals are missing?


If you notice any of these things, a roofer can inspect your roof and tell you if it’s something that needs to be repaired and how it can be fixed before it gets worse.


3. Inspect the House. The roof and gutters may be more prone to neglect than other areas, but it won’t hurt to take a walk around your house looking for siding damage, rotten wood, windows out of place, or anything else that isn’t quite right.


4. Prepare Your Tools. Locate your lawnmower, weed eater, and rake, and make sure they’re all ready for the coming lawn work. Sharpen your mower blades, make sure it works, and get the gas you’ll need so it’s ready when you need it.

Disposal from Popular Mechanics -- Handyman Services Columbus OHioLeaky pipe? Great time for a plumber. Serious clog? You bet! But there are many times you could avoid the plumber just by avoiding the mistakes many people tend to make . Have you done any of these plumbing no-no’s? Look like your own plumbing professional by skipping these common mishaps:



That definitely doesn’t go in the garbage disposal. It’s tempting to throw everything from your plate or cooking project into the disposal, but it’s actually not made to handle anything you put in it.



While watermelon rinds, pumpkin carvings, and potato peels are the most frequent culprits, using common sense (and reading your disposal’s manual!) will keep you from calling a handyman.



The showerhead is not a hook. Despite the nifty shower caddies and the convenience of hanging things there, showerheads aren’t made to hold heavy loads. Load that caddy down too much and you could find your showerhead in the bathtub one day!



Lighten the load or find a way to store your toiletries elsewhere. One solution is to hang a basket from the wall right next to the shower.



Now, where did I put those instructions? Plumbing pieces especially can be difficult to re-assemble if you take them apart. So many of the pieces need to go back exactly in the same order and direction that one slip up could leave you scratching your head.



Before you take anything apart, make sure you have the instructions. You may even want to take pictures as you go to help you remember the order in which you took them apart.

Home Maintenance from NAHB - Home Maintenance Columbus OhioYour home is a huge investment, and understandably, you want to protect that investment! One of the best things you can do is to stay on top of routine home maintenance .


This doesn’t mean you always have to be the one fixing and repairing things, you can hire someone to help, but it does mean you need to be aware of what’s going on in your house and take steps to help maintain it.


Cleaning is one of the biggest ways to keep your home in great shape. There are plenty of issues that come from not keeping a house clean, from mold to leaks to holes and weak areas in the house.


Plus, when the house is clean, you’re more likely to spot if there’s some kind of issue early enough to take care of it.


Inspecting. At the change of each season, do a walkthrough of your house, both inside and out, looking for anything that doesn’t look quite right. This could include things like:


  • Rotting wood.
  • Moisture where it shouldn’t be wet.
  • Paint chipping or peeling.
  • Holes where insects could be hiding.
  • The condition of the carpets, tiles, and wood floors.

Do this enough times and you’ll be so familiar with your home, you will immediately spot when something doesn’t look right.


Repair and Maintenance. Inspecting is great, but it’s only good if you use the knowledge you’ve gained to fix problems.


As soon as you think there’s an issue, start looking at how to fix it, ask your friends and neighbors, or get in touch with a professional handyman. If you catch an issue and solve it right away, it won’t grow into a major problem!

Open Cabinet from Better Homes and Gardens You might not give your cabinets much of a second thought most of the time, but the truth is, there is a lot of consideration that goes into cabinets when you’re building a house or remodeling, and there are even some significant, trackable trends being noted by many in the carpentry service.


Both for functionality and appearance, homeowners are looking for certain things from their cabinets; here are a few:


  1. Hiding Appliances. More and more often, homeowners don’t want to show off their appliances anymore. Instead, they are opting for panels that slide over things like the dishwasher, trash compactor, or stove so that they are hidden when not in use.
  2. Display Pieces. Another trend is an open cabinet or two in the design to allow for displaying of certain pieces. The fine china, crystal, and the heirloom tea kettle you had hid away in a corner can now be set out on a display cabinet build right into your kitchen cabinetry.
  3. Maple. For now, maple is the #1 cabinet material in the United States. A lot of this is probably due to its versatility: while maple is naturally a light color, it takes stain well, so it can be stained into a broad range of colors.
  4. Accent Colors. Traditionally, all of your kitchen cabinets match. However, there’s now a trend to create an accent piece in a cabinet just like an accent wall. This may be a free standing hutch or an island that is completely different color. This is most effective when that color is also carried through the room in other ways.

Are any of these cabinet ideas you like or would use? What’s your favorite?

Storm Damage from SDUS Collegian - Home Repairs Columbus OhioIt’s officially storm season until November, and that brings with it a chance of storm damage to your home. Damage to your house is already a hassle, and unexpected storm damage can be exceptionally so.


Some of the most common requested repairs include a generator repair on the low end (average cost: $285) and a roof replacement on the high end ($6,800).


There are a few steps you can take before the storm season becomes really active that could potentially save you the money of a lot of home repairs. Here are some basic things to check:


  • Windows. Inspect for cracks, gaps, rotten wood, and chipped or cracked glass.
  • The Roof. You’re looking for damaged shingles or missing granules, and you will want to get them repaired quickly!
  • Gutters. A bad gutter can weaken your walls or leak into your house, and it will get worse after a storm.
  • The Trees. If you have large trees that are dead or dying, go ahead and have them removed before they have a chance to fall on your house or car!

A good inspection will help you get things under control now before they become urgent.


If a Storm Strikes


If you do end up with some storm damage, follow these steps:


  • Inspect the damage and take pictures.
  • Call your insurance company for an appraisal.
  • Hire a handyman you trust.

There are shifty repairmen who will sell you repairs, often too quick and too cheap for the repair. Instead, hire someone already established with good references. 

PTile from HGTV - Tile Installation Columbus Ohio rofessional decorators have tricks to choosing colors, shapes, and types of tile to make bathrooms look incredible. For everyone else, tile can be a bit of a hassle. Use some of these design tips (and a tile installation professional) to make your bathroom look designer!


1. Combine and Conquer. Don’t be afraid to use different shapes or styles of tile in the same room. You can define spaces or create visual interest by using complementary but separate tile styles.


2. Minimalist Chic. If you want high-class luxury, elegance, and a bit of minimalism, try tiling your whole bathroom in the same type of tile, floor to ceiling. With a good tile choice, may remind you of  a beautiful hotel right in your own bathroom!


3. Shaded. You can create an interesting, individualized look by pairing tiles of the same color in different shades. Tile them together to create a mosaic of any shade: green, blue, purple, brown.


As you’re thinking about re-tiling or remodeling, keep a close eye in your friends’ homes. What do you see there that you like that you think would be perfect for your bathroom? What interesting thing did your best friend do with her tile? Store those ideas away for yourself to refer to later!


The important thing about decorating is to remember that your home is still your home: make sure you enjoy it.

Cabinet Types from HGTV - Carpentry Services Columbus OhioHave you been looking into new cabinets for your kitchen? There are many options, so you’re going to want to check with your carpentry services to see which choices are going to work best for you.


It’s nice to know some of the terms you might run into while you’re looking, though; so here’s a look at a few.


Building & Assembling Cabinet Terms


When it comes to assembling cabinets, there are several different types, and how well they will work for you really depends on what you want from your kitchen cabinets and your long-term plans. It’s another thing to discuss with your contractor, but here are the basics:


  • RTA (Ready-to-Assemble). These are pre-fabricated in pieces that you assemble on site. They are extremely affordable and on the difficulty scale, rather easy to put together. Unfortunately, the price comes with a bit of a downside: they aren’t usually extremely reliable in the long run. If you’re looking to make an investment in your home, you might want to go for something a little more solid.
  • Stock. Stock cabinets are pretty much what they sound like: standard, pre-determined cabinet styles. They are affordable and definitely more reliable than RTA, and they come in a variety of styles. However, you won’t be able to customize what you get—it’s an all-or-nothing kind of deal. For a standard kitchen, this is an economical option.
  • Semi-Custom. With a cost break that puts them between Stock and Full Custom, Semi-Custom is a popular choice. Change the depth and choose a finish that works for you. Adjust enough of your cabinets to get what you want without paying full price for custom. If you’re looking for just what you need, this might be the choice for you.
  • Full Custom. This is an investment, but often one homeowners are glad they made. Fully customized cabinets guarantee you get everything you want: size, shape, material, dependability, color, finish—you name it, you can have it. For many homeowners who intend to live in their home for many years, this is a step worth taking.

What kind of cabinets do you have? What kind do you want?

Painting ColorsThe impact of color is often underestimated, but the truth is, color has been shown to have a huge impact in our perception of and preference for objects and places. Additionally, colors are known to affect people psychologically, affecting mood, productiveness, and even intelligence!


With that much to keep in mind, how do you decide on a painting color? There are some ways to narrow it down—starting with a few colors that you like and working from there. When you’re ready to pick a color for painting, ask yourself these questions:


How do I want to feel in the space? Color plays a role in mood, and in fact, each color individually often creates different moods in the people experiencing the color. However, some color families reliably cause certain responses.


  • I want a calm, peaceful room. Cooler colors will create the calm you seek. Blue has been repeatedly shown to be the most calming of colors (and for this reason, is often used in hospital settings!), but green and lavender often produce similar affects.
  • I want a formal room. White is your color, and mix in deep browns or blacks and blues or greens. White and black feel more formal when the lines are kept clean and the space reflects the mood.
  • I want a fun, social room. Go for warmer colors, especially red, orange, and yellow. A note of caution, though: too much exposure to these colors can cause restlessness and even anger, so anchor your bright colors with strong neutrals.

Knowing the purpose of the room goes a long way in helping you decide what color will work for you.


How does it look in the light? For this, you’re going to want to take a couple of paint color swatches you like with you from the store (most hardware stores have strips you can take home).


Take the swatches and put them under any kind of light you can find, but especially put it in the light of the room you intend to paint. Look at it under the lights you usually use in the evening, through the light of a curtain, with the window wide open, and even by the light of the TV!


Light plays a huge role in our perception of color, so it’s an important component.


Ultimately, the space is yours, and you should love it, so pick the color that works best for your space!

HGTVkitchenDesignKitchen cabinets are one of the biggest contributors to your kitchen environment. They affect the overall style of the kitchen, as well as handle all the storing of various kitchen items. If you are considering a kitchen cabinet remodel project, then this is your chance to create an inspiring kitchen to your personality and needs.


Kitchen cabinets come in a wide variety of styles and designs. Once you have picked the style and design you want, you can choose your finish. Opting for unfinished cabinets allows you to paint or stain them to the tone of color you desire. You can also choose to have pre-finished kitchen cabinets installed. Those typically either come in a wood stain tone or can be pre-painted in various color options.


Style designs with kitchen cabinets can vary, including options like painted art, routed designs, and various hardware styles. Some come in solid doors, some come with glass, and some have mirrors. If you opt for glass doors you can see through, they often have various designs on them to choose from.


Another thing to consider involves measurements. Don’t forget to take shelving options into consideration, as well as ensure you have enough room inside the cabinets. You need to know the dimensions needed for the replacement cabinets, as well as the shelf spaces. Your installer/contractor will help with those important factors.


The options for kitchen cabinets can be endless and the reasons you have for replacing or upgrading them can be endless too. Perhaps you need more storage? Maybe you just don’t like the look you have? Are you tired of not having enough space to store your kitchen items? No matter what your reasons for doing a kitchen cabinet renovation are, you can certainly take the opportunity to possibly fulfill them all…or at least enough to satisfy.


Once you have settled on the cabinets you desire, sit back and enjoy the wonderful creation you have designed and be ready to enjoy kitchen living in a much more satisfying way.

Door with Arch from HGTV - Door Installation Columbus OhioAnyone will tell you that a good first impression is important, so how do you achieve that with your home? When your friends come to visit, do they experience a taste of your style from the moment they drive in?


New entry door installation can make a huge difference on your curb appeal and your overall enjoyment of your home’s exterior. How do you know what you want from your door choice, though? Take a look at some of these stunning ideas:


Architecture: If you are looking for a truly stunning entryway, strong architectural elements are going to make a big difference. Think columns, arches, and details—these touches are going to make your entry feel regal and grand.


Is your personal taste elegant and bold? If so, a doorway with strong architecture will help convey that message before anyone even enters your home!


Contrast: People naturally like contrast; it’s pleasing to the eye, giving the person looking a clear focal point. How can you create that kind of contrast on your door? There are actually a couple of great ways.


The first is to choose a door that is dark. This could be natural wood, painted wood, or another dark, painted material. Then, trim the details of the door in a light color like white, yellow, or a golden tan. Suddenly, the entire door will pop with the contrast of the trim against the door!


The other way is to create a bold door that stands out against your house color. Deep red or rich blue pops against most neutral or lightly-colored exterior house paint or siding. Add a color like that and you will definitely get some attention.


Behind the Door: When you have an amazing new door, it’s natural to want to take a look at what’s behind it, as well. Make a stunning entry by paying attention to the details. Want a modern feel? Tile your entry walls with large tiles. Looking for something more rustic? Add a entry table of distressed wood and hang a wooden-framed mirror above.


Think about the message you want anyone who enters your home to receive about you and design your door and entryway after it—your taste will shine!

Gutters from Yahoo - Handyman Services Columbus OhioFall has settled in and winter is right around the corner, with sweaters and coats hung close at hand while plans are being made for the holidays—but is your house ready for winter?


The winter months can be a harsh time on an unprepared house, and once it’s cold and snowy outside, you won’t want to be out there doing home maintenance. Thankfully, there are some things you can do now to prepare and prevent the trouble a bad winter can bring.


1. Clean the gutters. Fall is especially bad on the gutters, filling them with leaves, seeds, and sticks carried there by the wind. All of that debris can cause clogging, trapping the water in your gutter.


Not only does this lead to potential water damage as the trapped water starts to run over the sides of the gutter onto your roof, but in the winter, that trapped water can freeze. Because water expands when it freezes, this can cause permanent damage to your gutters or cause your gutters to pull away from the house, creating even more trouble.


Carefully clean your gutters or hire a professional handyman to get them ready for the season.


2. Clean up the yard. In addition to the standard yard clean-up tasks—forgotten toys, one last grass cutting, and raking—you’ll want to add storing your hoses and anything else that will be permanently damaged if its frozen.


Trees are also an important factor in your winter preparation. If there are any large limbs hanging over your home, those should be removed. Heavy snow or ice could weigh down an already large limb and cause it to fall.


3. Check for air leaks. The last thing you want to do when it’s cold outside is lose heat through a leak in the house. Check around, looking for gaps in windows and doors or any hole that allows air in and out of the house.


Not only will these help keep your house cozy, it will also make sure your energy bills don’t skyrocket needlessly in the winter months!

w-shutterstock 13643464-e1365444732545You strive to provide a comfortable and health house every day. No matter what you do, such as cleaning, painting, remodeling, upgrading, organizing, or anything else, you can often forget about the quality of air in the home. All those efforts certainly pay off, but the air possesses many contaminants and  allergens that contribute to every household member's health issues. There is absolutely no way to completely eliminate air contaminants, even in the outdoors.

As you stare into a sun ray glaring through a window in your home, you notice a path of dust hovering around within that ray. That dust is always present and can carry numerous contaminants and allergens that lead to sickness or allergic reactions. At times when there is no ventilation like having closed windows, the air pollutants have nowhere to go.

One of the steps you can take is to purchase air purifiers for your home. Get one for every room if you can. Of course you most likely cannot, which is normal. No matter, place an air purifier in the most commonly used rooms. They will inhale the air and extrude it without many of the contaminants. Every model is different and some work better than others.

When outdoor weather is comforting, opening your windows and using fans can be an effective method to cut back those allergens and pollutants. Make sure you set each fan to exhaust the indoor air and have other windows to bring in fresh air. Pollutants will be forced out the windows and the outside air will come in to replace it, assuming you have open windows elsewhere.

Your vacuum may also be causing more pollutant distribution then you would think. Many vacuums have filtration to cut back on kicking up pollutants into the air, but that often does not work as well as claimed. In fact, many blow most contaminants back out into the air, even with HEPA filtration. Most benefits and drawbacks just depend on the model. Nevertheless, you can choose a better quality vacuum with newer technology that significantly reduces what most vacuums throw up in to the air.
Your home will always have some level of air contaminants within it, but there are several steps you can execute to take control and regain a healthy environment. All the hard work you already do with maintaining your home will certainly be worth it when applying these ideas.

w-photo-0096-jpegExpense, durability, and the type of material are just a few of the factors one needs to consider when choosing what floor tile to use for their flooring installation. There are various kinds of floor tile, such as marble, ceramic, porcelain, granite, terrazzo, linoleum, travertine, and limestone. Each type of tile has its own benefits and drawbacks.


Ceramic tile is a popular option for flooring, and comes in porcelain and non-porcelain. It is probably a favorite among homeowners for a flooring installation because of its relatively low-cost and durable nature. Linoleum or vinyl tiles should really only be used in homes that are rentals or where the homeowner cares more about cost than looks. Linoleum is cheap and easy for anyone to install, but it also looks cheap.


Marble and terrazzo are the best high-end options for flooring. While the appearance of these two floor tiles is gorgeous, they are not very practical for areas in the home that receive a lot of foot traffic. They are definitely not kid-friendly, as both tend to stain easily. In addition, terrazzo tends to have a slippery surface that can cause accidental falls.


Travertine is a kind of limestone tile. Like marble, limestone tile is not very stain-resistant and therefore should not be utilized in high-traffic areas like the kitchen. Granite is probably the most practical tile choice for a flooring installation. It is attractive and costs more than ceramic tile but less than marble. Also, it has fantastic durability as it is very stain-resistant, as well as resistant to scratches and other damage.

window repairLet's face it, home repairs are inevitable. Owning a home means on-going home maintenance.Once of the most difficult fixes is the window fix. From a stuck wooden window to a bad mortise plate, troubles that happen to your windows are numerous. Most issues can be fixed easily by the homeowner. Others require a help from specialists.Let's see if your window issue is on our Easy Windw DIY list.

DYI Window Repairs

Wooden windows are notorious for swelling in wet or humid areas. Rubbing wax along the edge of the window where it is stuck can fix it. If this does not work, you may need to cut away some of the wood, this means removing enough of the wood to allow the window to become unstuck. The cut area can be painted when the window has been fixed.


Wood windows also experience movement in wet or damp weather and can make fasteners problematic to open and close, or it can lead to a loose, rattling window. Adjusting the windows positions can fix this issue but does require time and knowledge as this is almost the same process as that of installing a new window and may require the help of a handyman.


Sometimes the sill of the window may be rotten. If this is the case a homeowner can simply replace the sill without the need to replace the entire window frame. Cutting away the rotted part of the sill and replacing it with a new piece of wood is all this home repair should entail. If the window rot is more widespread, the homeowner will need to replace the entire window. Most people can replace a window on their own however many are not comfortable doing this type of window repairs and often hire a specialist for this job.


Broken windows will happen in any home. Removing and replacing a windowpane is not a very difficult job, but doing the job right involves a certain amount of attention and skill, and in some cases, experience. A mortise plate can generally be found on buildings constructed before the arrival of bored cylindrical locks, and they have lately become more common in residential construction and can be found on windows in many homes of all ages. If a mortise-plate for a mortise catch is not fitted correctly it makes the catch hard to use and can stop it from holding the window shut securely. This can be repaired by the homeowner but as with many home repair projects it can be time consuming and requires tools that the homeowner may not have. If the homeowner decides that doing window repairs is not a project they want to do themselves a handyman may be a solution.


DIY home repair can usually be done by homeowners and doing window repairs can be easy and cost effective depending on the type of repair needed and whether or not the homeowner has the time, tools and ability to handle the work.However, if the issue is complicated and you feel like you lack some skills, get a help from experienced professionals.


Water-Damage-Clearwater-What-to-do-with-Warped-Hardwood-Floors-201431 imageHardwood floors give a home a warm, comforting feel. It enhances the beauty of a design and makes a house a home. Over time, a hardwood floor becomes worn down. Stains, scuffs, and fading paint or stain diminish the classic beauty. The hardwood floor can also be damaged by, water, humidity and a damp environment. Most damages can be repaired and restored and brought back to an almost new finish. The hardwood flooring used in homes is contemporary hardwood floors and they are usually varnished.


Drying the hardwood floor quickly is important to prevent fungus spores from forming; spores spread through the air and are in soil, wood and most building materials. They thrive in damp or wet area bloom into molds and causes mildew. If a home has sustained water damage to the hardwood flooring there are specific things that must be done in order to dry the flooring and prepare it for repair. Opening all windows and doors will help dry the floor. However, due to weather conditions this may not be possible.


If windows and doors cannot be opened turning the heat or in the summer the air conditioner will work. The use of fans to draw moisture out of the air and the room is also very helpful. If there is insulation between the joists under the wet floor boards it should be removed and using fans or dehumidifiers may add the drying process. Pulling away or removing the baseboard around the room may be necessary if the water damage is near the edge of the room. The hardwood floor needs to dry completely before it can be repaired.


In order to successfully repair water damaged hardwood flooring the surface must be prepared. Having the proper supplies is a must. Not all hardwood floors are the same, and different species of wood require different materials be used. A homeowner can re-finish and repair the hardwood flooring with the right tools, time and research. If this type of floor repairs is beyond the scope or time of the homeowner a great alternative would be handyman services.


The steps in floor repair are not complex, and whether a homeowner is doing the job themselves or using handyman services to complete the project it is import to follow the proper steps. The first step is to clean hardwood floor, especially the damaged area. The tools needed are: hot water, and an abrasive wood floor cleaner, a good stiff brush, and a durable sponge. The abrasive cleaner should be made explicitly for the type of hardwood flooring being repaired. The work normally begins in one corner of the floor and entails cleaning small areas of the hardwood floor and moving on to another small area until the entire floor is clean. The brush is used to clean the hardwood flooring along the grain, not against it using the abrasive cleaner. The floor must be dried completely before the next step.


If the hardwood floor was not varnished the floor boards will be rough. Water raises grain in wood and after cleaning the floor the grain maybe raised sufficiently to cause splinters, it is not recommended to walk on the floor without protection on the feet. Most handymen wear protective shoes or boots to do this work. After this the floor is sanded by hand. It takes knowledge and experience in order not to take too much wood off or cause the hardwood floor to be uneven. If the hardwood flooring has too much water damage, it is likely the hardwood floor boards will need to be completely replaced and this is a difficult project to undertake. New hardwood needs to be aged before replacing the damaged floor boards, the new boards must be stained with an oil based stain that matches the color of the hardwood floor, then sanded and finished. This is a very time consuming process and matching an existing hardwood floor with new can almost be a science.


Many homeowners are intimidated by this process and may not feel comfortable taken on this size and complexity of a home repair project. A handyman services company has skilled individuals that have knowledge and experience with doing hardwood floor water damage repair, and other types of hardwood flooring damage.

w-562189b40d5fd6cb098ee6dAll rooms can look fantastic with dedicated house cleaning or remodeling services. Moreover, the wrong kind of curtains can take away the appeal from some of those efforts. Curtains that are stiff, torn, or even wrinkled can inhibit the appeal, yet some of the negatives may not necessarily outweigh the advantages. Learning about the fabrics and materials available will give you the power to know what works best in your rooms and what will provide the advantages you desire, while also having the disadvantages you can live with. This is because everything has advantages and disadvantages. You just have to weigh your options.


Have you ever wondered what the difference between fabrics and materials is? Confusion is very common because both terms get used frequently for different products with different manufacturers. It is really not as confusing as it sounds. When you look at a fabric, you are basically looking at the finished, woven product that was made from one or more materials. Your blankets at home were made from fabric, even with different fibered materials like cotton, nylon, or both. As you can see, materials can vary and it does not matter which ones are used. It is still a fabric in the end. The list is long. When it comes to window curtains, some get described based on fabric while others get described based on materials.


Fabrics are basically named from the materials that are used or the style that is applied. This often cause confusion, but is easier to understand if you work with fabrics regularly. Chenille fabric is composed of woven chenille yarn, which is actually composed of cotton, acrylic, and/or olefin materials. Aside from that, satin fabric is composed of materials like silk and/or nylon. As for design, damask is derived of cotton and named based on tiny, raised dots on one side of the fabric.


Each of the materials does play a major role in fabrics. Every type of material used contributes to the overall look, strength, and lifespan of each and every single curtain manufactured. An increase in the strength of the curtain comes from materials like nylon and polyester. Design and enhanced appearance come from materials like metallic and silk.

w-wood-siding-1013tm-pic-2686When a homeowner is getting their home ready for sale, they tend to make a checklist either physically on paper or mentally in their head to remind them of what they need to repair before showing their house to potential buyers.  Without a doubt, they remember all of the basic items like completing roof repairs, making sure their lawns are pruned and preened, and making sure that walkways and driveways are smooth without any missing pieces or tiles.  Nevertheless, one thing that everyone seems to forget about is siding.  If you have a home, whether new or old, this is something you should add to your checklist.  Here are a few reasons why new siding can benefit you and your home.


Value is everything


If you are asking for a specific bid on your home, you can’t expect a buyer to buy the home for the price you want if the house is in need of a siding installation.  This is a cost to you, but can be to the buyer as well.  When a buyer is looking at a home, they usually want to find a home that they have to do little to no work to.  It’s like the icing on the cake deal.  If you want to get as much money out of the home as possible, fix the siding and do it right by hiring someone to do it for you.


Curb Appeal


A siding Installation is not only about curb appeal and selling your home for the price you want, but also to make your home look valuable too.  Siding comes in a wide variety of styles and colors so that you can choose the best match to work with any other existing features you might have, such as window shutters or window boxes.


Energy Efficiency


Siding has the option available to be insulated with foam-like material.  Not only does this material help prevent any damage to the siding, it gives it better structure as a foundation and also acts as an insulator.  Because of this, the siding with foam-like materials helps reduce gas consumption and helps to keep colder air out and warmer air in.


modern-home-interior-1013tm-pic-1184The kitchen is often considered as the heart of the home most say. It is definitely the most used part. Cleaning the kitchen is a never-ending battle with everyone making their meals and all the dishes and spills. Maybe you feel you need the help of kitchen remodelers when it comes to the kitchen. Maybe you are ready for a kitchen "facelift." Here are a few remodel ideas that you can do yourself that will not only make your kitchen look good, but make it a little easier to clean as well.



Adding a back splash around the stove



Adding a back-splash is a quick and easy way to update your kitchen. It also adds color and character. Around the stove, a lot of grease and food splatter tend to build up. With a back-splash, you will find it easier to clean up the stains.



Updating the cabinets



Giving the cabinets in your kitchen a make-over doesn't have to take up time or money. Repainting them with high-gloss paint is a weekend project that anyone can take on. While high-gloss paint may show the dirt more, they are easier to wipe off.



Avoid stains, dirt, and grime by either adding pulls to your cabinets or updating them. Look for hardware that allows you to open the cabinets easily with your finger. This suggestion will keep your cabinets from getting dirt so fast from dirty, greasy fingers and hands.



Go with a new floor



If you want a floor that is easy to clean, then you want to have fewer gaps and seams. When you remodel your floor, look at vinyl, linoleum, or large tiles with thin grout lines. When using tile, the less grout lines you have, the less scrubbing you will have.



Now your kitchen will be easier to wipe down and those cleaning services can spend time on the other parts of your home.

w-freshicon 195Your driveway is something everyone will see when they look at your house and the exterior of your property can be greatly affected if you have a driveway full of stains and/or damage. Exterior appeal is important. Removing the most common stains is pretty easy and requires very little driveway repair. It’s always best to clean up a stain as soon as you notice it. Common stains include:



Oil is the most common driveway stain and it’s often hard to avoid as most cars leak oil at one time or another. There are a lot of products on the market that are designed to remove oil from a driveway or garage floor. Look for one that includes a degreaser as this will be the most effective. Apply, let sit for a few minutes and then scrub the area with a firm brush. Driveways are pretty hard so you can use an aggressive brush with some pressure to get the stain out. Then you can rinse and repeat if necessary.



Tire Marks
Tires can leave marks on your driveway and there’s nothing worse than a big, black tire streak across a concrete driveway. Usually a degreaser will work for these marks as well, but you may need a product that will strip the sealer on your driveway, thus removing the stain. Some simple driveway repairs may be needed afterwards that include resealing that area.



Rust, Chemicals and More
Some other random stains can creep up on your driveway and typical cleaners won’t work. You can always contact a contractor who is experienced with sealing or completing driveway repairs. Sometimes pressure washing can remove leftover stains.

Keep in mind that after you remove stains from your driveway; you may have compromised the sealant that you originally had applied. It’s always a good idea to reseal the area of the driveway you were working on after it has been cleaned.

w-97a704c619e71657a6Your exterior fence enhances your home’s value, as well as the appearance. Because of this, it is important to maintain it and keep that attractive appeal going. There will be times when maintenance is needed. The fence may weather, fade, warp, lean, crack, split, or even break. In some cases, you may need to replace fence panels, while in other cases; you may just need to replace individual pickets.


Aside from that scenario, posts support the entire fence and may need replaced or repaired at times. Here is some helpful information to keeping that fence looking magnificent.


Fence Panel Maintenance

Fence panels may end up splitting, warping, cracking, or even snapping in some areas. If the damage is too intense, it may be time to replace the panel or panels. Your local handyman service can help you with fence repair and other exterior repairs too. They usually have experience with these types of repair. Aside from damage to the panels, they may just need a new coat of paint or some stain. If that is the case, you can easily do that yourself and bring those fence panels back to life. If you just have small areas of damage; consider replacing individual pickets. However, that option may be a challenge with matching up to your existing style and it may stand out since it is new.


Fence Protection Maintenance

Your fence might look pretty stable and upright the way it should be. But when fence problems are nonexistent; it is a good time to protect and revive that fence. There are many stains on the market, as well as paints optimized for exterior use. In addition, you can also purchase water repellant coatings to protect and preserve the natural wood look. Your choices just depend on your needs and your fence.

Aside from that, many people misunderstand the purposes of pressure treated wood. There are a lot of fences that are pressure treated, but that is only designed for insect and rot protection, not weather protection. You must apply a paint, stain, or water repellant that will protect it from the natural elements. This is also something your local handyman can do for you.

w-internet icon 57There may come a time when installing drywall in your home is a necessity. Whether you have experience or not in the installation process, it may be easy enough for you to do yourself with the right tools and a little help.


Things to consider when planning drywall installation:



  • Time is a factor during the installation process. Giving yourself enough time to measure, cut, hang, tape, mud, and sand the drywall will keep you from making mistakes which could cause major problems later on.
  • Measuring the space and the drywall is a must. For the inexperienced installer, the "measure twice and cut once" method will help in knowing all cuts are precise.
  • Leaving enough space between each sheet of drywall will keep any cracks or breaks from happening when the underlying wood expands with temperature change.
  • Joints should meet on a wall stud and not the open space between them. Pre-planning will keep this from happening and if in a rare case it does happen after planning, the possibility of adding a stud will be needed to provide support.
  • When taping the joints, be sure the tape is covering the joint well. Joint tape gives a little extra support on the joint.
  • The mudding process is rather easy. Be sure all joints and screws are covered without adding too much joint compound. Too much mud will result in extra sanding and longer dry times.
  • When sanding, be sure to not over sand or you may expose the joint tape. You want to keep as much of the compound on the drywall as necessary to form a smooth surface.


Knowing a few things ahead of time about a drywall installation can help you with completing the project. If you have not done this type of project before or you have a lot to do, it is suggested that you hire a home improvement company to get it done. They have extensive experience and knowledgeable solutions to problems that will ensure the job is done properly and so that there are no problems down the road.

844-1013alfy-tools6A handyman services company can really provide all types of services for a home or business. Drywall repair, electrical services, light construction, plumbing problems, installations and much more are all issues that you can hire a handyman for. In general, an experienced and qualified handyman will attempt to take care of any task that you ask of them. Some will even do outdoor chores such as lawn care and gardening. You may even want a handyman to hang your holiday lights or move some boxes for you.



Often times, a handyman that you contact will have some sort of specialty that they are trained for. While one handyman might be really good at fixing common plumbing problems; another might focus solely on electrical services.



Keeping a good handyman in your back pocket is essential to properly maintaining your business or home. While you may be handy in some areas, there is likely to come a time when something breaks that you cannot fix yourself, especially when dealing with electrical services. That can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Its best to hire a professional who can get the job done right.

blacklick soaker tub leak repaired leak relocated steps to create custom access panel  replaced ceramic tile floor after i-305-280-200-80-cTile work in either your kitchen or bathroom can create a whole new look for the entire room. Whether you are looking for a bold color to make a big impression or you’re simply doing something more neutral and practical, tile is a great investment. If you walk into a hardware store, you have a limited selection to choose from. However, turning to a floor installer opens up a whole new world of colors and styles. Many tile installers will have a huge selection to choose from and really, they will have anything you could dream of. It’s also wise to hire a professional because this is a very intricate and meticulous task.


When you’re installing tile, you're not just sticking the tile up on the space where you want it to be. The entire area needs to be premeasured and you need to plan out the tile layout ahead of time so you don’t have tiles that aren’t lined up or don’t fit properly. Also, if you are planning on different colors of tile or a center design; you also have to pre-plan that properly so it comes out perfect. Depending on what your plan looks like, you often have to cut the tile as well and how well that job is done also determines what the final product will look like. Professional tile installers know the appropriate ways to measure the area and often have computer programs that will figure everything out for them; you know you can rely on that.


Having tile installed in your home can be a long process if you have not completed this type of work before. Not only does the demolition part take some time to do, but also you have to repair the wall if needed and then begin the slow process of cutting and installing the tile. Having a tile installer get the job done quickly and efficiently will give you time to sit back and relax; waiting for your new and improved kitchen or bathroom to be ready for your use.

w-wood-floor-parque-1013tm-pic-2962No matter what room you are looking to update by way of new flooring, there are so many different options that you can choose from these days. Years ago, you really only had the choice between linoleum for your kitchen and bathroom and then carpeting for your living room and bedrooms. In addition, there really weren’t many colors to choose from. These days, if you contact a flooring installer, your options can be endless. Flooring installers can give you amazing choices that range from all types of carpeting, such as hardwood flooring, linoleum flooring, ceramic tile, and much more.






While it might not be appropriate for bathrooms or high moisture areas, hardwood flooring is a gorgeous investment for any home. It gives a very warm and welcoming look to any living space and it’s very easy to maintain. Most installers will tell you that while the initial upfront cost of hardwood flooring can be a bit high, it will last you longer than any other flooring type will. This is because even if many years go by and some wear takes place, you can have hardwood flooring refinished.






Definitely not what it used to be, linoleum now comes in a ton of different choices. You can choose linoleum patterns that actually look like ceramic tile from far and even some that have hardwood-type grain in them. They are much thicker and more durable than they were in years past. The pricing that floor installers will give you on linoleum is hard to beat with any other product and it’s definitely worth considering as an option.

No matter what flooring type you want to consider it’s important to sit down with an installer in your area to discuss options, pricing and installation requirements. If you leave it up to the pros, you will have a new floor installed and possibly within a matter of one day’s work. This saves you a great deal of time and effort and in you’ll be enjoying your updated home in no time.

lighting crew spotlightInstalling a recessed can light can be a very good thing especially during home renovation because it relatively cheap and easy to install the fixtures. 


The good thing about thing about installing recessed can light is that it can update the look of your house by providing light over areas such as bedrooms and kitchen.


Below is a guideline that will teach you on how to install a recessed can light.


Read the instructions carefully


It is very imperative to read the installation instructions keenly. The instructions are normally found in the user manual. Instructions include voltage requirements, and the dimensions of the holes that are supposed to be cut for the lights to be placed.


Consult an expert


If it is possible you can consult your electrician so that you can determine the amount of voltage that your circuit can manage to carry. Remember that an overloaded circuit might cause a lot of damage.


Therefore, if you are replacing old fixtures with new ones, you might want to use lights that can draw enough voltage. You can still consult with your electrician for further advice.


Shut off the power before you start any work


It is important to lock the entire circuit panel when working. Avoid working with circuit that has energy.


Mark out locations of each light 


You can make your own template in order to cut out the circle of the paper. You can put the template on the ceiling in your desired spot and mark around it with a pencil. Mark the center also. 


Check for any obstructions in the ceiling 


Use sensing devices to identify any potential obstacle specifically on the area that is to be installed with the lights.


Cut the openings for the lights and then install the mounting hardware. It is also advisable to staple your wires at 3 feet intervals and then put loops in each fixture. Use a stripper to strip the ends of the wires. Connect the wires with the power cables from the power source.

arborist chainsaw lowMany people keep on wondering how to build a sawhorse. However, this should never worry them at all as this article is going to discuss some of the guidelines on how to build a sawhorse. This Is just, but one of the ways.


Take the measurements of the timber then cut them as measured


Timber is always bought in its fullest length. Therefore, one should consider measuring based on the sizes required, for instance thirty two and half inch pieces for various sizes for making the i-beams. Thirty inch pieces should also be measured for legs.


Build the I-Beam


The next step is talking three of the thirty two and half inch cut pieces of timber then screwing together to form an “I”. Prior to driving in the screws, it is advisable to consider drilling at least a pilot hole. Right on the top of the I-beam, three screws should be driven inside. One should equally see to it that at the i-beam centre, at least a screw is driven.


Nailing the I-beam with the legs


This is what should follow next. In the I-beam top, a thirty inches 2x4s piece of timber should be butted. On the leg top, two nails should be hammered so as to reach the middle of the I-beam piece. Doing things correctly will enable one form a pattern in the form of a box using the nails.


You can then have your finished sawhorse. It is then important wash it and rinse it properly so as to make it clean. In a situation where one can afford getting enough materials, it is advisable to consider making another sawhorse in order to have a pair.


All in all, using the nails for joining various parts is very important. However, the use of screws for joining the legs is equally a move that is very welcomed.


roofer roofing worker sideA handyman  


This is a person able to carry out a variety of chores and repairs around the house or offices. Some of the tasks they can perform include; painting, cleaning, erecting of wall hangings, carpentry, gardening, simple installations and other light constructions. In some locations, the set laws demand handymen to be licensed before carrying out some tasks such as plumbing, electric works and gas fitting. It is therefore important to find the right handyman for each job. By answering the question; how would I find a good handyman? One is able to make the right choice when selecting who to assign a simple house or office task.


How to find a good handyman


First is by personally asking from family, friends or workmates. This will increase your chances of getting a trustworthy handyman since they may have a good relationship with the person recommending them. A good handyman can also be found through online websites, advertisements in newspapers and even in yellow pages. One can also present the tasks at hand to various handymen and analyze their service prices to get the best handyman for the job. Getting an insured handyman will be a big advantage since that will remove the liability on you in case of an accident during work. A handyman who is fine with writing a contract describing the terms of service is also suitable. This will ensure he truly performs and that u would have answered; how would I find a good handyman?




Handymen greatly assist in simple house and office repairs. It is however important to know how to find a good one to get the task well done for you. An insured and certified handyman is the most recommended since he can handle high risk tasks due to his training and is liable to himself.  

40-1013tm-cart-business3Every home owner requires a little help with varying home repairs and maintenance tasks from time to time. It is not every repair or maintenance job that requires the services of a general contractor or a specialized repair service provider. Hiring a handyman can always help you get a simple repair job done at a less expensive charge. You may want to consider hiring a handyman in future instead of spending so much money in a specialized contractor. 


Now, before you sprint and start asking around for a handyman, here are 5 Things you should know about getting a handyman.


1. Develop a list of the things you need done
Ensure to take your time and write down exactly what you would want the handyman to do before contacting one. It is important for you to be upfront with the kind of work you want the handyman to accomplish.

2. Seek reliable references
For your piece of mind; find local references from your neighbors. You may want to be sure that the handyman you are about to employ is prompt, has done quality work in the past and that he completely met the expectations of your neighbor. Most handymen usually depend on the word of mouth to build their client base. A handyman worth hiring will confidently provide a minimum of three good references.


3. Search local resources

Searching local resources will help you land reliable candidates. These are places such as daily newspapers, the bulletin board at your local store and craigslist’s are great sources of such information. There are many handymen who distribute their handouts and flyers, so be on the lookout.

4.A licensed, bonded and insured handyman
It is important to note that you will be fully liable if a person working on your property becomes injured unless you he is insured. A reputable handyman is one that brings their insurance and is licensed.


5. Cost estimates for labor and materials in advance
Typically, an estimate should always be within 10% of the exact cost. This should be made clear to the candidates to prevent them from providing you a low ball for you to hire them. If they know from the very beginning that you are not willing to pay beyond a specific amount then they will be in a position to turn down the job at the early stages before they begin the work.

bluewall-121013-bkst-3095As you may already know, natural slate is just perfect for many uses. If this wasn’t enough it is one of the strongest elements created by nature. When it is installed in a suitable and professional way it can stand the harshest conditions without a worry. It goes without saying that every coin has two sides and this material is no exception. It is a common occurrence that a heavy fall damages the material. Sometimes a bubble appears just beneath a tile and sometimes too much weight has been pressuring the corner of a tile thus cracking its edge.


At this point you are faced with the option of replacing the entire floor. Worry not; I will share with you some of the most effective solutions when it comes to replacing, removing and re-grouting slate floor tile.


1. Gathering the required materials.


Elements such as Carbide tipped grout saw, goggles, hammer, chisel, nail set, sandpaper, putty knife, thinset mortar, needle nose pliers, tile spacers, sponge, small screwdriver, rags, matched slate tile, natural stone sealer, matched grout, ¼ notched trowel and a piece of 2x4 hardwood are needed.


  • 2. Remove all the grout around each broken tile
  • 3. Repairing Slate floor tile by first breaking the tile surface
  • 4. Remove Tile Shards
  • 5. You will find the old adhesive, remove it
  • 6. At this point, add and apply new adhesive
  • 7. Tap, with care, the tile down
  • 8. Clean up your installation
  • 9. Grout each tile
  • 10. Seal and clean the material

Although each step requires certain particular skills you will be able to do it if you take enough time and patience since you don’t want to ruin your new installation.


Repairing this material can be done by using the right tools and applying these steps in order. The result will last for years, even decades to come and attention to detail will not only help you in your property’s aesthetics but it will also do wonders to increase its value.

6359-101413-gs6359Airtight Drywall approach is a type of construction where an air barrier links the interior finish of the drywall and other different building materials consequently forming a continuous barrier that protect the structures interior.


This approach provides a more cost effective way in reducing infiltration and heat loss and lowers the entrance of moisture dust and insects into the building. The airtight drywall approach is therefore considered a very energy efficient method compared to the rest. Its installation needs that most of the seams present are sealed off by tape and joint compound since it is supposed to protect areas such as the four crucial ones below.


  • • Between door and window frames and drywall
  • • Amid the edges of the drywall and exterior walls at the top and bottom plates
  • • In the basements or attic amid the frames and drywall of the partition walls
  • • Through all holes in drywall for utilities and other services

It is highly recommended that you use gaskets or caulk in the airtight drywall installation in order to seal off these areas and make it a nonstop airtight system. This revolutionary approach has incredible benefits such as; it’s an effective way to make a reliable air barrier mechanism, it’s very simple and does require too much expertise, it utilizes the usual construction techniques with materials also very accessible, it also doesn’t prevent the wall to be glued to the face of joists and studs, works flawlessly with other designs and last but not least the cost for the materials and labor is very affordable.


The approach has minimal limitations notably it needs a separate vapor barrier, it also makes it mandatory for the barrier to remain continuous otherwise it won’t work and trades done after the air barrier is installed can badly damage gaskets and the caulking as well which form the approach.

columbus oh treated wood deck after iii-323-600-450-80When you think about installing and enjoying a deck, you should think about the work of maintaining the beauty of it for years to come. You can choose to go with a traditional wood deck, but you might not like what kind of up-keep comes along with it. If that is the case, you could go a different route and enjoy the advantages of composite decking all while enjoying the look of a wood deck. 


The advantages of composite decking over traditional wood are very large. Composite decking is made from a mix of wood flour, plastic and stabilizing additives. This mixture leaves the owner of the deck with a low maintenance master piece that will last decades longer than what a wood deck would. Composite decking does not fade due to sun damage, it does not have to be painted, sealed or stained. It can be washed throughout the years very easily with soap and water and is slip and splinter free.


More advantages of composite decking is it will not absorb or give off moisture, and that perk alone will help your deck from becoming subjected to insect infestation. Also since you don't have to worry about the absorption of moisture you will not have to worry about the material cracking, warping or separating like you would if you had a wood deck.


You may have concerns about installation of a composite deck, but there is no need. One of the biggest advantages of composite decking is the installation process is the exact same as if you were installing a wood deck. Screws, nails, saws, drills and hammers are the common tools you use for wood deck assembly, and installing composite material is no different. The one down-side to using composite decking is it will probably be a little more expensive, but most likely throughout the years of maintenance and up-keep on a wood deck, the extra money you will spend will be well worth it in the long-run and will pay off in the end, not only in cash but also in manual labor. And if you choose to go with composite material, shopping for it is as easy as shopping for wood material. In most cases, you will be able to find what you need at your local home improvement store.

columbus oh kitchen remodel with hardwood floor finished 4-436-600-450-80When you plan to remodel your backyard, one of the first ideas to crop up is making the space functionally useful for entertaining your guests outdoors. Installing an outdoor kitchen gives you the advantage of using this space conveniently and frequently. This is just not about functionality and innovative ideas; it adds a significant value to your home as well. Let’s see what we actually have to take into account before installing an outdoor kitchen. 


Outdoor Kitchens-Design Factors to Consider


CLIMATE-Your outdoor kitchen has to face the elements all the time. So, covering your kitchen space overhead is a good idea but this increases your cost factor. A better idea is to plan a site near to the house. The walls provide a natural shelter and you can go fora roof overhang or other overhead structure which can provide effective protection from the elements. For a more budget friendly option, you can go for an outdoor umbrella.


PROXIMITY TO HOUSE-The factor helps you bank upon running lines from the house to your kitchen outdoors. The easy access to utilities and plumbing, electrical or gas lines helps in deciding the location of things like grills, appliances and a rinsing sink. It also makes a considerable difference to your design and budget.


CHOOSING MATERIAL- Deciding the location of your site becomes way easier if you already have an area with brick/concrete footing. If not, choose those materials for paving and counter tops which are weather resistant such as stacked stone, tile, granite or stucco. These resist stain and allow easy cleaning. Ensure enough counter space for food prep and the landing zones for food and utensils. The inclusions like bar and dining space should also be pondered upon taking in account the number of guests you expect to entertain. 


LIST OF MUST HAVES- This is going to be a temporary kitchen but being handy makes for ease of use. So, make a list of must-have items including a grill, sink, cooktop, oven and refrigerator. Do make storage arrangements with attractive weather-proof cabinets for organizational necessities such as baskets to hold napkins, glasses, and cleaning supplies. 


BUDGET-Last but not the least the ultimate deciding factor for any project. Select affordable appliances that are energy and space efficient. Lighting and ventilation should also be considered.

So, with these factors in place, make the most of your back yard space and entertain your guests in innovative outdoors.

beautiful-house-1113tm-pic-1535With summer just around the corner, many people often start looking at how they will get all of their small repairs done in time for summer. Though it may seem like a harrowing task, it can be done, no matter how big your to do list is.


The first thing you'll want to do is take care of any easy fixes. For example, fix the loose door knob before trying to repair the small hole in your bedroom wall. Easy and quick fixes should be focused on first, because they take the least amount of time and will make your list smaller and less frustrating to tackle.


Once the small, quick repairs are made focus on any that will take a bit longer. It may be wise to focus on more than one job at a time as well, especially if certain jobs need time to settle, such as caulking the bath tub. Once you have the small stuff, and the medium stuff done, focus on those jobs which are a bit bigger.


This allows you to spend more time on the things which need more attention. It should also be noted that before beginning any repairs, to always collect all and any materials needed. This will make everything go much quicker. Without having to stop and go to the hardware store in between jobs, you'll be able to go through your list much quicker than you would with frequent shopping trips.


However big or small your list is, it is possible to get everything done before summer comes rolling in. It's always wise to implement a plan and get any materials. With enough planning and time, your list will be nothing by summer.

iStock 000006923293Small---CopyEveryone wants to keep their homes in top shape, but many people lack the skills or the time to do home repair projects themselves. They hire someone else to do the work for them. But how do you know the person you hire is not a rip-off waiting to happen? Con artists have been around for ages. If you know what to look for, you will know how to spot a home repair scam artist.


1) Beware of anyone who comes knocking on your door unsolicited. Handymen may advertise their skills in the media, but they don’t often do “cold calls”. Scam artists drive around looking for people to hire them and they tend to prey on single women or the elderly. It’s not likely that a successful handyman will be driving around looking for jobs.


2) Ask for references from past customers. Stay away from any contractor who says he has none or can’t supply them for any reason. Also, ask for before and after pictures of completed projects, most contractors who are proud of their work will take pictures to show off.


3) Be leery if you are asked for payment up front to buy materials. Most workers have accounts at home improvement stores and should be able to supply the materials. If you are asked for a deposit, make sure it’s not more than 50%.


4) Get everything in writing! Write down what repairs are to be done and how much you are being charged. Include that you expect them to use new, not used, materials. Any handyman who doesn’t want to sign a contract is probably a scam artist.


5) Check to see if there have been any complaints against the person you are hiring. Most people will report shoddy or faulty workmanship. Check with the BBB ( and with the National Financial Fraud Exchange (

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