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Drywall Repair Columbus Ohio, Drywall Installation Columbus Ohio

For Simple Repairs of Drywall Cracks and Pops Through to New Drywall Installation

Untitled 1At Punch Out Plus, LLC our team is well trained to handle any of your drywall repair needs, whether it’s hanging new sheetrock, repairing old sheetrock, texturing your walls, or texturing your ceilings.

Drywall Services

From patching or repairing the smallest nail hole in your drywall, to replacing whole sections of drywall or re-texturing ceilings, we have the drywall repair experience to meet your drywall needs. No job is too small and our service is guaranteed!

  • Holes in Drywall and Plaster Repaired
  • Water Damage Repaired
  • Settling Cracks
  • Drywall Work on Small Remodels and Alterations
  • High Spots, Blemishes and Visible Seams Repaired 
  • Drywall Textures Matched or Removed
  • Our Company Is U.S. EPA Lead-Safe Certified

 What You Can Expect From Us

  • Repairs Will Blend In With No Indication of a Repair
  • Custom Textures Will Be Matched as Close as Possible
  • Work Areas Will Be Masked and Covered
  • Walkways Will be Covered to Keep Floors Clean
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Having your drywall repaired or installed does not have to be costly when you have made the right choice in choosing the contractor for the job. Based on their extensive experience, Punch Out Plus, LLC will advise you on the best solutions and options for your drywall situation.

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Lack the Time, Tools or Talent to Tackle Your Home Repairs? Call Punch Out Plus, LLC

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If you are considering a home repair or remodeling project Punch Out Plus, LLC will get it done.

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You won't be disappointed by using Punch Out Plus, LLC for any carpentry services.