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5 Basement Renovation Ideas

268-101413-gs0268The basement of many houses may be decorated with cobwebs, littered with boxes, or may feature exposed wiring and plumbing. However, it may also have great potential, offering more space and comfort to your house. Additionally, a renovated cellar can add significant value to your house, whether you decide to turn it into a home office, bedroom, family room, or basement suite. Preparation is the secret, as you'd anticipate with any interior remodeling. You should take a while to develop a well-thought out strategy of the transforming design to plan around on before you begin to renovate your basement. You'll likely need to contemplate the best way to renovate lighting, the ceiling, and flooring after you have selected a goal for the room.


Basement Renovation Ideas:




Clearly, before you renovate, you would like to know what you plan for your cellar. Your options will be quite different depending on how you plan to use the space: another family space will be different than constructing a home office. Finally, all your renovation choices will be directed by the function of your cellar. A home office should contain desks, shelves, and storage space, while a children's play room should have a spot for playthings, long-lasting flooring, and window coverings that are washable. Thus, when you begin to plan your cellar renovation let your decorating choices are driven by the function of the room.


The Ceiling


One component of a cellar that'll more often than not need renovation is the ceiling. Most unfinished basements additionally have a bare ceiling where plumbing pipes, electric cables, and heat ducts are visible. As such, you should evaluate your needs with regards to your plumbing and electric conditions. You might have to create access panels for plumbing and electric systems, and as such you might need to install a suspended ceiling. Suspended ceilings are both alluring and practical as regards feature a power system of ceiling panels that can readily be transferred. Suspended ceilings are also accessible a variety of colors and attractive styles to allow them to fit any cellar renovation.




The flooring of your cellar must also follow the function. A home gym needs long-lasting flooring that's readily cleaned, like linoleum or tiles. On the other hand, carpeting or hardwood flooring makes an appealing and comfortable alternative for spaces that are family- or comfort-oriented. Recall that cellars have a tendency to pile up more moisture, so you will need to install a subflooring or select a flooring alternative that's repellent to water.


Be True to You


Finally, your renovation is your job and you need to be true to your own style and preferences. Select colors you find relaxing or energizing or inspiring.  Decorate in a way you’ll love!


Before you finalize your plans, it’s a great idea to check with professionals. An experienced handyman, like Punch Out Plus in Columbus, Ohio, can give you insight into all of the considerations and options in your renovation. 

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