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5 Things you Should Know about Getting a Handyman

40-1013tm-cart-business3Every home owner requires a little help with varying home repairs and maintenance tasks from time to time. It is not every repair or maintenance job that requires the services of a general contractor or a specialized repair service provider. Hiring a handyman can always help you get a simple repair job done at a less expensive charge. You may want to consider hiring a handyman in future instead of spending so much money in a specialized contractor. 


Now, before you sprint and start asking around for a handyman, here are 5 Things you should know about getting a handyman.


1. Develop a list of the things you need done
Ensure to take your time and write down exactly what you would want the handyman to do before contacting one. It is important for you to be upfront with the kind of work you want the handyman to accomplish.

2. Seek reliable references
For your piece of mind; find local references from your neighbors. You may want to be sure that the handyman you are about to employ is prompt, has done quality work in the past and that he completely met the expectations of your neighbor. Most handymen usually depend on the word of mouth to build their client base. A handyman worth hiring will confidently provide a minimum of three good references.


3. Search local resources

Searching local resources will help you land reliable candidates. These are places such as daily newspapers, the bulletin board at your local store and craigslist’s are great sources of such information. There are many handymen who distribute their handouts and flyers, so be on the lookout.

4.A licensed, bonded and insured handyman
It is important to note that you will be fully liable if a person working on your property becomes injured unless you he is insured. A reputable handyman is one that brings their insurance and is licensed.


5. Cost estimates for labor and materials in advance
Typically, an estimate should always be within 10% of the exact cost. This should be made clear to the candidates to prevent them from providing you a low ball for you to hire them. If they know from the very beginning that you are not willing to pay beyond a specific amount then they will be in a position to turn down the job at the early stages before they begin the work.

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