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Airtight Drywall Approach

6359-101413-gs6359Airtight Drywall approach is a type of construction where an air barrier links the interior finish of the drywall and other different building materials consequently forming a continuous barrier that protect the structures interior.


This approach provides a more cost effective way in reducing infiltration and heat loss and lowers the entrance of moisture dust and insects into the building. The airtight drywall approach is therefore considered a very energy efficient method compared to the rest. Its installation needs that most of the seams present are sealed off by tape and joint compound since it is supposed to protect areas such as the four crucial ones below.


  • • Between door and window frames and drywall
  • • Amid the edges of the drywall and exterior walls at the top and bottom plates
  • • In the basements or attic amid the frames and drywall of the partition walls
  • • Through all holes in drywall for utilities and other services

It is highly recommended that you use gaskets or caulk in the airtight drywall installation in order to seal off these areas and make it a nonstop airtight system. This revolutionary approach has incredible benefits such as; it’s an effective way to make a reliable air barrier mechanism, it’s very simple and does require too much expertise, it utilizes the usual construction techniques with materials also very accessible, it also doesn’t prevent the wall to be glued to the face of joists and studs, works flawlessly with other designs and last but not least the cost for the materials and labor is very affordable.


The approach has minimal limitations notably it needs a separate vapor barrier, it also makes it mandatory for the barrier to remain continuous otherwise it won’t work and trades done after the air barrier is installed can badly damage gaskets and the caulking as well which form the approach.

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