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Bathroom Remodel: Tips for Selecting Bathroom Cabinetry

bathroomPlanning a bathroom remodel? It is easy to get overwhelmed with the endless amount of options for everything from the style of shower head to the color of the walls. Bathroom cabinetry is one of those things you could search through for hours on end, so here are a few tips to consider when it comes to selecting cabinets:


When it comes to choosing wood for your cabinetry, the three most important things to consider are type, color, and grain.


Type, Color, and Grain


The two types of wood are hard and soft. Hardwood is a product of broad-leafed trees, such as maple, cherry, and oak. Softwood comes from needle-bearing evergreen trees, such as pine, spruce, and cedar. These names can be misleading; hardwood does not necessarily mean that the material is harder or denser and the same applies to softwood.


Like every human being, every tree is unique. With so many different color shades – even from the same type of wood – and unique patterns, the possibilities are endless. It is important to pick the color that will best suit you and your home. Most homeowners are opting to match their bathroom cabinetry with the kitchen cabinets. This is a good option if you want a uniform appearance throughout your home.


Grain is something like a tree’s fingerprint. Each piece of wood will have its own grain patterns and markings that are completely unique to that piece of wood. Different types of grain include fine, straight, cross, spiral, wavy, curly, and arch.


Research and Plan Ahead


It is important to utilize the available space as efficiently as possible. Envision how you want everything to look and make sure that your expectations are reasonable for the space you have to work with. The professionals at Punch Out Plus in Columbus, OH will be able to assist you with design planning and recommendations.


Design books and magazines are a great place to look for ideas, and visiting designer showrooms will give you a chance to visualize the style you want. Without going over-budget, carefully choose the materials you want to use and the amenities you’d like to incorporate: For example, if the bathroom is shared by multiple people, you may want additional storage space and/or built-in drawer dividers.


Add Lighting


Lighting is a wonderful way to add style to your bathroom cabinetry. Light rails and other types of built-in illuminations are a popular trend among homeowners and for good reason. Various design styles include art deco, contemporary, modern glamour, or traditional.


DIY or Call a Professional


If you have some handyman skills, it is possible to install your bathroom cabinets on your own; however, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional for the job. Not only will they be able to offer high-quality work, but they will be able to determine the best way to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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