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Choosing the Right Countertops

modern-dining-room-in-home-1013tm-pic-1183Countertops serve various purposes in your kitchen, from food dicing and chopping to preparing the meals for the week. But the countertops also serve as a visual aspect, and bring the entire kitchen space together. If you are considering interior remodeling, installing new countertops may be a first stop. Of course, the material is the first thing you have to consider, and these are a few of the most common homeowners choose.


Quartz -


This is made of natural stone and is one of the most durable materials available. Knives won't damage it, heat and water won't damage it, and they are sturdy. They also fight bacteria and are easier to maintain than granite. They are not as uniform or sturdy as granite, but the counters are glossy, look good, and provide a great choice for those who want both affordability and durability.


Synthetic (laminate) -


The laminate countertops are constructed using:

  • - Particle board or plywood.
  • - Sheeted surfaces.
  • - Acrylic materials.

All of these are easy to install, they are versatile, and they’re affordable. The counters do not stain easily and are extremely easy to care for. Acrylic surfaces also allows you to choose from more variety and design aspects. A couple factors to consider are heat and scratches as the synthetic material from which the counters are made makes them prone to heat damage and scratches; a cutting board and heat pad should solve the problem.


Granite -


Because of the aesthetic appeal, granite is the most commonly chosen countertop material. Design is unique as no two counters are similar; they are also scratch resistant and won't get dirty easily. You can choose from sandblasted, brushed, or polished surfaces as well. They are, however; difficult to maintain, they can chip easily, and require constant care. On the flip side, they are gorgeous, and although they are pricier, they do increase resale value.


Other materials -


Lava stone, concrete, steel, and marble, are a few of the other choices from which homeowners can choose, as well. Special treatment is required with most of these materials, and each has drawbacks and benefits, which homeowners should consider before making the final choice of material.


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