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Exploring Window Treatments by way of Fabrics and Materials

w-562189b40d5fd6cb098ee6dAll rooms can look fantastic with dedicated house cleaning or remodeling services. Moreover, the wrong kind of curtains can take away the appeal from some of those efforts. Curtains that are stiff, torn, or even wrinkled can inhibit the appeal, yet some of the negatives may not necessarily outweigh the advantages. Learning about the fabrics and materials available will give you the power to know what works best in your rooms and what will provide the advantages you desire, while also having the disadvantages you can live with. This is because everything has advantages and disadvantages. You just have to weigh your options.


Have you ever wondered what the difference between fabrics and materials is? Confusion is very common because both terms get used frequently for different products with different manufacturers. It is really not as confusing as it sounds. When you look at a fabric, you are basically looking at the finished, woven product that was made from one or more materials. Your blankets at home were made from fabric, even with different fibered materials like cotton, nylon, or both. As you can see, materials can vary and it does not matter which ones are used. It is still a fabric in the end. The list is long. When it comes to window curtains, some get described based on fabric while others get described based on materials.


Fabrics are basically named from the materials that are used or the style that is applied. This often cause confusion, but is easier to understand if you work with fabrics regularly. Chenille fabric is composed of woven chenille yarn, which is actually composed of cotton, acrylic, and/or olefin materials. Aside from that, satin fabric is composed of materials like silk and/or nylon. As for design, damask is derived of cotton and named based on tiny, raised dots on one side of the fabric.


Each of the materials does play a major role in fabrics. Every type of material used contributes to the overall look, strength, and lifespan of each and every single curtain manufactured. An increase in the strength of the curtain comes from materials like nylon and polyester. Design and enhanced appearance come from materials like metallic and silk.

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