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Exploring Your Floor Tile Options

w-photo-0096-jpegExpense, durability, and the type of material are just a few of the factors one needs to consider when choosing what floor tile to use for their flooring installation. There are various kinds of floor tile, such as marble, ceramic, porcelain, granite, terrazzo, linoleum, travertine, and limestone. Each type of tile has its own benefits and drawbacks.


Ceramic tile is a popular option for flooring, and comes in porcelain and non-porcelain. It is probably a favorite among homeowners for a flooring installation because of its relatively low-cost and durable nature. Linoleum or vinyl tiles should really only be used in homes that are rentals or where the homeowner cares more about cost than looks. Linoleum is cheap and easy for anyone to install, but it also looks cheap.


Marble and terrazzo are the best high-end options for flooring. While the appearance of these two floor tiles is gorgeous, they are not very practical for areas in the home that receive a lot of foot traffic. They are definitely not kid-friendly, as both tend to stain easily. In addition, terrazzo tends to have a slippery surface that can cause accidental falls.


Travertine is a kind of limestone tile. Like marble, limestone tile is not very stain-resistant and therefore should not be utilized in high-traffic areas like the kitchen. Granite is probably the most practical tile choice for a flooring installation. It is attractive and costs more than ceramic tile but less than marble. Also, it has fantastic durability as it is very stain-resistant, as well as resistant to scratches and other damage.

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