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Guide for Installing Your New Toilet

toilet-1113tm-pic-128Whether you are replacing a toilet with a low flow unit in order to reduce water consumption or just want to change the look of your bathroom, replacing it is an easy task that any homeowner can do. Putting a new toilet in is not too difficult, though there are a few steps that you should follow. If all goes well, you will be able to replace the toilet in less than two hours. Here is a look at the steps to get your toilet looking great again.


Step 1: Turn off water supply


You need turn off the water supply before doing any kind of work. This is done by turning off the knob on the wall that's connected to the unit by a metal tube. When the water is disconnected, flush the toilet in order to completely drain out the water and empty the tank. If there is still some water, clear the tank using a sponge.


Step 2: Unscrew nuts to remove the bowl and toilet


Once the water supply is disconnected, remove the tank and then remove the bowl. Loosen the two bolts under the tank to remove it, and then detach the toilet from the floor by loosening two bolts on the side of the toilet. When all the bolts are removed, lift the toilet up and place it somewhere on the side.


Step 3: Install the new tank and toilet


Before installing the new toilet and tank, it is a good idea to clean up the area. Once the area is tidied up, it’s time to install the whole system. At the bottom of the tank, place the rubber-spud washer with its bevel-shape side into the middle opening(where the water flows into the bowl). You will need this later.


Second, place the wax ring or similar product onto the bottom of the bowl. After that step is completed, place the bowl over the sewer pipe and install the two floor bolts that hold it in place. Next, place the tank onto the bowl and mount the screws that hold it in place. Finally, reconnect the water pipe to the valve of the tank to finalize the replacement.


In closing, upgrading your toilet to a new one will enhance the overall appeal of your bathroom just as much as cleaning the room does. If you are concerned with running into problems or messing things up, Punch Out Plus in Columbus, OH can install it for you.

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