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How to Build a Sawhorse

arborist chainsaw lowMany people keep on wondering how to build a sawhorse. However, this should never worry them at all as this article is going to discuss some of the guidelines on how to build a sawhorse. This Is just, but one of the ways.


Take the measurements of the timber then cut them as measured


Timber is always bought in its fullest length. Therefore, one should consider measuring based on the sizes required, for instance thirty two and half inch pieces for various sizes for making the i-beams. Thirty inch pieces should also be measured for legs.


Build the I-Beam


The next step is talking three of the thirty two and half inch cut pieces of timber then screwing together to form an “I”. Prior to driving in the screws, it is advisable to consider drilling at least a pilot hole. Right on the top of the I-beam, three screws should be driven inside. One should equally see to it that at the i-beam centre, at least a screw is driven.


Nailing the I-beam with the legs


This is what should follow next. In the I-beam top, a thirty inches 2x4s piece of timber should be butted. On the leg top, two nails should be hammered so as to reach the middle of the I-beam piece. Doing things correctly will enable one form a pattern in the form of a box using the nails.


You can then have your finished sawhorse. It is then important wash it and rinse it properly so as to make it clean. In a situation where one can afford getting enough materials, it is advisable to consider making another sawhorse in order to have a pair.


All in all, using the nails for joining various parts is very important. However, the use of screws for joining the legs is equally a move that is very welcomed.


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