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How to Install a Dog or Cat Door in Your Home

2467 101413 gs2467If you are a pet owner, you know that your furry friends are a huge responsibility. The most important things to do as a responsible owner are to make sure that your pets are spending enough time outdoors without being locked outside, and that they are able to use the restroom whenever they need to in order to avoid cleaning up “accidents” around the house.


If you have yet to install a dog or cat door in your home, the professionals at Punch Out Plus in Columbus, OH are ready to help you. There are many benefits to installing a dog or cat door, including:

  • Reduced whining and scratching—and damage—at the door
  • More exercise and freedom for your pets
  • Less dependency on owners (for bathroom breaks and playtime, etc)
  • Fewer potty accidents and less cleaning

It is highly recommended that you hire a professional if this is your first handyman project, but it is possible to do the installment yourself by following these simple steps: Use a template to trace the door outline, cut a hole, and install the door.


Trace the Door


Place your template on the surface where the door will be installed and trace it with a pencil. Pet doors that you can buy in pet stores will come with a template to use or you can make one yourself by cutting out a measured piece of cardboard. The inside corners of the outline should have X marks.


Drill Holes


Using a half-inch drill bit, drill holes into the X marks that you made in the last step. It is important to ensure that these holes do not extend further than the outline. If the door you plan to install needs screws, you need to drill screw holes along with the holes on the X’s.


Cut Out the Door


Cut out the outline of the door using a jigsaw. Start from one of the holes you drilled into the X’s and proceed along the trace you made with a pencil until you have the entire door cut out.


Insert the Frame


From outside of the door, insert the frame into the opening—leaving the flap out—and fasten it into the inner frame that is attached to the flap. Finally, fasten the door with screws while holding it in place.


Following these simple steps, you’ll have a new pet door that you and your pets can all appreciate. Call a handyman at Punch Out Plus if you want a professional to do the job for you.

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