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How to Install a Recessed Can Light

lighting crew spotlightInstalling a recessed can light can be a very good thing especially during home renovation because it relatively cheap and easy to install the fixtures. 


The good thing about thing about installing recessed can light is that it can update the look of your house by providing light over areas such as bedrooms and kitchen.


Below is a guideline that will teach you on how to install a recessed can light.


Read the instructions carefully


It is very imperative to read the installation instructions keenly. The instructions are normally found in the user manual. Instructions include voltage requirements, and the dimensions of the holes that are supposed to be cut for the lights to be placed.


Consult an expert


If it is possible you can consult your electrician so that you can determine the amount of voltage that your circuit can manage to carry. Remember that an overloaded circuit might cause a lot of damage.


Therefore, if you are replacing old fixtures with new ones, you might want to use lights that can draw enough voltage. You can still consult with your electrician for further advice.


Shut off the power before you start any work


It is important to lock the entire circuit panel when working. Avoid working with circuit that has energy.


Mark out locations of each light 


You can make your own template in order to cut out the circle of the paper. You can put the template on the ceiling in your desired spot and mark around it with a pencil. Mark the center also. 


Check for any obstructions in the ceiling 


Use sensing devices to identify any potential obstacle specifically on the area that is to be installed with the lights.


Cut the openings for the lights and then install the mounting hardware. It is also advisable to staple your wires at 3 feet intervals and then put loops in each fixture. Use a stripper to strip the ends of the wires. Connect the wires with the power cables from the power source.

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