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Maintain Optimal Room Temperature in Your House by Checking Your Air Conditioning System

358-101413-gs0358Air conditioning systems are designed to ensure the temperature inside homes and offices does not fall or exceed the set level. To derive maximum benefits from this system, you should have it checked regularly, especially before the onset of winter and summer seasons. Here are some maintenance procedures that should be carried out often.


Check filters: The main role of the filters in to protect internal components of system from dust and other forms of debris. Overtime, they get clogged up and so it’s recommendable to clean them at least once or twice per year depending on weather conditions in your locality. Replace them with new ones if found faulty to prevent overheating.


Thermostat: This is an important gadget that turns the air conditioner on or off depending on the temperature around its vicinity. Woe unto you if it’s faulty as your system will not function properly. Hence, you should check the thermostat to be sure that it is accurate and working well.


Check fans: Their main mandate is to facilitate distribution of cold or hot air in and out of the system. A well maintained air conditioner has quality fans that smoothly rotate when turned on. Carefully look at the manner in which the fans turn to determine their condition. For example, consider readjusting them if they produce some creaky noise when rotating. More importantly, they should be balanced.


Ductwork: The also help to distribute air especially in huge air conditioning systems. To prevent leakages, check all joints to eliminate any leakages. There are adhesives which are specifically formulated to rectify cracks on ductwork that you can apply without necessary hiring a professional.


Finally, the entire system should be cleaned to remove dust that accumulates on its surface and internal parts. This will enhance its overall performance and increase its lifespan. Ensure that you adhere to cleaning guidelines provided to do it right.


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