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Mistakes People Make: Plumbing

Disposal from Popular Mechanics -- Handyman Services Columbus OHioLeaky pipe? Great time for a plumber. Serious clog? You bet! But there are many times you could avoid the plumber just by avoiding the mistakes many people tend to make . Have you done any of these plumbing no-no’s? Look like your own plumbing professional by skipping these common mishaps:



That definitely doesn’t go in the garbage disposal. It’s tempting to throw everything from your plate or cooking project into the disposal, but it’s actually not made to handle anything you put in it.



While watermelon rinds, pumpkin carvings, and potato peels are the most frequent culprits, using common sense (and reading your disposal’s manual!) will keep you from calling a handyman.



The showerhead is not a hook. Despite the nifty shower caddies and the convenience of hanging things there, showerheads aren’t made to hold heavy loads. Load that caddy down too much and you could find your showerhead in the bathtub one day!



Lighten the load or find a way to store your toiletries elsewhere. One solution is to hang a basket from the wall right next to the shower.



Now, where did I put those instructions? Plumbing pieces especially can be difficult to re-assemble if you take them apart. So many of the pieces need to go back exactly in the same order and direction that one slip up could leave you scratching your head.



Before you take anything apart, make sure you have the instructions. You may even want to take pictures as you go to help you remember the order in which you took them apart.

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