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Options for Updating Your Ceiling Decor

painter2Painting your ceilings is a regular practice these days. However, there are tricks to painting your ceiling, particularly when you decided to alter the color. Selecting your color for your ceiling is a significant part of enhancing your home decor. Below are some tips for enhancing your ceiling décor:


Color Scheme Choices


There are lots of choices for your color scheme, and it all depends on your personal style:

  • You can select the exact same color for the walls as well as the ceiling
  • You could select two colors, one for the ceiling and one for the walls
  • And if you have slanted ceiling, you could even incorporate three colors for contrast.The advantage of selecting three colors is that you may bring focus to the slanted ceiling, which is usually an extremely intriguing aspect of the room.

Ceiling Texturing


Another option for your ceiling is to opt for a popcorn-textured look. Ceiling texture mixture is available at most hardware or home supply stores and is easy to apply. Once the texture is applied and dry, you can apply the color you desire to it.


Ceiling Medallion


You can add traditional appeal and visual interest to your ceiling fixture by installing a ceiling medallion. A ceiling medallion is a special kind of decorative molding that is placed around your light or fan fixtures.


While all the above options are easy to do, you may opt to have a professional handle the painting or carpentry job for you. And if you do, the wonderful staff at Punch Out Plus in Columbus, Ohio would be happy to help!

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