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Outdoor Kitchens-Design Factors to Consider

columbus oh kitchen remodel with hardwood floor finished 4-436-600-450-80When you plan to remodel your backyard, one of the first ideas to crop up is making the space functionally useful for entertaining your guests outdoors. Installing an outdoor kitchen gives you the advantage of using this space conveniently and frequently. This is just not about functionality and innovative ideas; it adds a significant value to your home as well. Let’s see what we actually have to take into account before installing an outdoor kitchen. 


Outdoor Kitchens-Design Factors to Consider


CLIMATE-Your outdoor kitchen has to face the elements all the time. So, covering your kitchen space overhead is a good idea but this increases your cost factor. A better idea is to plan a site near to the house. The walls provide a natural shelter and you can go fora roof overhang or other overhead structure which can provide effective protection from the elements. For a more budget friendly option, you can go for an outdoor umbrella.


PROXIMITY TO HOUSE-The factor helps you bank upon running lines from the house to your kitchen outdoors. The easy access to utilities and plumbing, electrical or gas lines helps in deciding the location of things like grills, appliances and a rinsing sink. It also makes a considerable difference to your design and budget.


CHOOSING MATERIAL- Deciding the location of your site becomes way easier if you already have an area with brick/concrete footing. If not, choose those materials for paving and counter tops which are weather resistant such as stacked stone, tile, granite or stucco. These resist stain and allow easy cleaning. Ensure enough counter space for food prep and the landing zones for food and utensils. The inclusions like bar and dining space should also be pondered upon taking in account the number of guests you expect to entertain. 


LIST OF MUST HAVES- This is going to be a temporary kitchen but being handy makes for ease of use. So, make a list of must-have items including a grill, sink, cooktop, oven and refrigerator. Do make storage arrangements with attractive weather-proof cabinets for organizational necessities such as baskets to hold napkins, glasses, and cleaning supplies. 


BUDGET-Last but not the least the ultimate deciding factor for any project. Select affordable appliances that are energy and space efficient. Lighting and ventilation should also be considered.

So, with these factors in place, make the most of your back yard space and entertain your guests in innovative outdoors.

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