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Pre-Storm Preparation

Storm Damage from SDUS Collegian - Home Repairs Columbus OhioIt’s officially storm season until November, and that brings with it a chance of storm damage to your home. Damage to your house is already a hassle, and unexpected storm damage can be exceptionally so.


Some of the most common requested repairs include a generator repair on the low end (average cost: $285) and a roof replacement on the high end ($6,800).


There are a few steps you can take before the storm season becomes really active that could potentially save you the money of a lot of home repairs. Here are some basic things to check:


  • Windows. Inspect for cracks, gaps, rotten wood, and chipped or cracked glass.
  • The Roof. You’re looking for damaged shingles or missing granules, and you will want to get them repaired quickly!
  • Gutters. A bad gutter can weaken your walls or leak into your house, and it will get worse after a storm.
  • The Trees. If you have large trees that are dead or dying, go ahead and have them removed before they have a chance to fall on your house or car!

A good inspection will help you get things under control now before they become urgent.


If a Storm Strikes


If you do end up with some storm damage, follow these steps:


  • Inspect the damage and take pictures.
  • Call your insurance company for an appraisal.
  • Hire a handyman you trust.

There are shifty repairmen who will sell you repairs, often too quick and too cheap for the repair. Instead, hire someone already established with good references. 

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