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Repairing Slate Floor Tile - Essential Steps

bluewall-121013-bkst-3095As you may already know, natural slate is just perfect for many uses. If this wasn’t enough it is one of the strongest elements created by nature. When it is installed in a suitable and professional way it can stand the harshest conditions without a worry. It goes without saying that every coin has two sides and this material is no exception. It is a common occurrence that a heavy fall damages the material. Sometimes a bubble appears just beneath a tile and sometimes too much weight has been pressuring the corner of a tile thus cracking its edge.


At this point you are faced with the option of replacing the entire floor. Worry not; I will share with you some of the most effective solutions when it comes to replacing, removing and re-grouting slate floor tile.


1. Gathering the required materials.


Elements such as Carbide tipped grout saw, goggles, hammer, chisel, nail set, sandpaper, putty knife, thinset mortar, needle nose pliers, tile spacers, sponge, small screwdriver, rags, matched slate tile, natural stone sealer, matched grout, ¼ notched trowel and a piece of 2x4 hardwood are needed.


  • 2. Remove all the grout around each broken tile
  • 3. Repairing Slate floor tile by first breaking the tile surface
  • 4. Remove Tile Shards
  • 5. You will find the old adhesive, remove it
  • 6. At this point, add and apply new adhesive
  • 7. Tap, with care, the tile down
  • 8. Clean up your installation
  • 9. Grout each tile
  • 10. Seal and clean the material

Although each step requires certain particular skills you will be able to do it if you take enough time and patience since you don’t want to ruin your new installation.


Repairing this material can be done by using the right tools and applying these steps in order. The result will last for years, even decades to come and attention to detail will not only help you in your property’s aesthetics but it will also do wonders to increase its value.

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