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Repairing Your Exterior Fence

w-97a704c619e71657a6Your exterior fence enhances your home’s value, as well as the appearance. Because of this, it is important to maintain it and keep that attractive appeal going. There will be times when maintenance is needed. The fence may weather, fade, warp, lean, crack, split, or even break. In some cases, you may need to replace fence panels, while in other cases; you may just need to replace individual pickets.


Aside from that scenario, posts support the entire fence and may need replaced or repaired at times. Here is some helpful information to keeping that fence looking magnificent.


Fence Panel Maintenance

Fence panels may end up splitting, warping, cracking, or even snapping in some areas. If the damage is too intense, it may be time to replace the panel or panels. Your local handyman service can help you with fence repair and other exterior repairs too. They usually have experience with these types of repair. Aside from damage to the panels, they may just need a new coat of paint or some stain. If that is the case, you can easily do that yourself and bring those fence panels back to life. If you just have small areas of damage; consider replacing individual pickets. However, that option may be a challenge with matching up to your existing style and it may stand out since it is new.


Fence Protection Maintenance

Your fence might look pretty stable and upright the way it should be. But when fence problems are nonexistent; it is a good time to protect and revive that fence. There are many stains on the market, as well as paints optimized for exterior use. In addition, you can also purchase water repellant coatings to protect and preserve the natural wood look. Your choices just depend on your needs and your fence.

Aside from that, many people misunderstand the purposes of pressure treated wood. There are a lot of fences that are pressure treated, but that is only designed for insect and rot protection, not weather protection. You must apply a paint, stain, or water repellant that will protect it from the natural elements. This is also something your local handyman can do for you.

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