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Seal Your Gutter Leak Easily

industrial-background-2-913-957Harsh environmental factors can lead to metal and plastic gutters getting damaged or dislodged, causing gutter leaks. Gutter leaks can cause water damage to the exterior of your home, as well as flooding in your yard. Fortunately, dealing with a leaking gutter system is not too tricky, and can be achieved with these few steps:

  • Identifying the Leak

A leaking seam can be easily identified if there is a heavy rain. The downpours from the roof are the indication of the leaks. If leaves or any other materials are seen hanging around of a particular seam, then you know that is an indication of a leak.

  • Disconnect the Seam

A seam is where two sections of gutter pieces overlap, which is where you would disconnect them. A utility knife can be used to cut through the intercepted parts and screwdriver can be used to remove the screws. Then, you can easily remove the pieces by pulling them apart.

  • Cleanup

You must use a wire brush to remove any rust, as rust is a major factor in gutter leaks and must be removed. Also, be sure you haven’t left any debris or caulk on either side. Be sure to check the joints as well.

  • Gutter Leaks Fixing

Utilize a caulking gun to line the inward lip of the gutter known as the downhill. Bring down the other bit of gutter, the tough, into the downhill level and press them out for a few seconds to verify you equally distribute the caulk. Reapply all pieces that make the crease and reinsert the screws.


Using these easy tipsgutter leaks can be sealed easily and efficiently. However, if you find that you would rather have professional help with the repairs, or that your gutter system needs to be replaced, Punch Out Plus LLC of Columbus, Ohio would be happy to assist you.

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