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Some Amazing Ideas for Your Door & Entryway

Door with Arch from HGTV - Door Installation Columbus OhioAnyone will tell you that a good first impression is important, so how do you achieve that with your home? When your friends come to visit, do they experience a taste of your style from the moment they drive in?


New entry door installation can make a huge difference on your curb appeal and your overall enjoyment of your home’s exterior. How do you know what you want from your door choice, though? Take a look at some of these stunning ideas:


Architecture: If you are looking for a truly stunning entryway, strong architectural elements are going to make a big difference. Think columns, arches, and details—these touches are going to make your entry feel regal and grand.


Is your personal taste elegant and bold? If so, a doorway with strong architecture will help convey that message before anyone even enters your home!


Contrast: People naturally like contrast; it’s pleasing to the eye, giving the person looking a clear focal point. How can you create that kind of contrast on your door? There are actually a couple of great ways.


The first is to choose a door that is dark. This could be natural wood, painted wood, or another dark, painted material. Then, trim the details of the door in a light color like white, yellow, or a golden tan. Suddenly, the entire door will pop with the contrast of the trim against the door!


The other way is to create a bold door that stands out against your house color. Deep red or rich blue pops against most neutral or lightly-colored exterior house paint or siding. Add a color like that and you will definitely get some attention.


Behind the Door: When you have an amazing new door, it’s natural to want to take a look at what’s behind it, as well. Make a stunning entry by paying attention to the details. Want a modern feel? Tile your entry walls with large tiles. Looking for something more rustic? Add a entry table of distressed wood and hang a wooden-framed mirror above.


Think about the message you want anyone who enters your home to receive about you and design your door and entryway after it—your taste will shine!

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