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Tile Choices That Make You Look Like a Professional

PTile from HGTV - Tile Installation Columbus Ohio rofessional decorators have tricks to choosing colors, shapes, and types of tile to make bathrooms look incredible. For everyone else, tile can be a bit of a hassle. Use some of these design tips (and a tile installation professional) to make your bathroom look designer!


1. Combine and Conquer. Don’t be afraid to use different shapes or styles of tile in the same room. You can define spaces or create visual interest by using complementary but separate tile styles.


2. Minimalist Chic. If you want high-class luxury, elegance, and a bit of minimalism, try tiling your whole bathroom in the same type of tile, floor to ceiling. With a good tile choice, may remind you of  a beautiful hotel right in your own bathroom!


3. Shaded. You can create an interesting, individualized look by pairing tiles of the same color in different shades. Tile them together to create a mosaic of any shade: green, blue, purple, brown.


As you’re thinking about re-tiling or remodeling, keep a close eye in your friends’ homes. What do you see there that you like that you think would be perfect for your bathroom? What interesting thing did your best friend do with her tile? Store those ideas away for yourself to refer to later!


The important thing about decorating is to remember that your home is still your home: make sure you enjoy it.

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