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Tips for Drywall Installation Success

w-internet icon 57There may come a time when installing drywall in your home is a necessity. Whether you have experience or not in the installation process, it may be easy enough for you to do yourself with the right tools and a little help.


Things to consider when planning drywall installation:



  • Time is a factor during the installation process. Giving yourself enough time to measure, cut, hang, tape, mud, and sand the drywall will keep you from making mistakes which could cause major problems later on.
  • Measuring the space and the drywall is a must. For the inexperienced installer, the "measure twice and cut once" method will help in knowing all cuts are precise.
  • Leaving enough space between each sheet of drywall will keep any cracks or breaks from happening when the underlying wood expands with temperature change.
  • Joints should meet on a wall stud and not the open space between them. Pre-planning will keep this from happening and if in a rare case it does happen after planning, the possibility of adding a stud will be needed to provide support.
  • When taping the joints, be sure the tape is covering the joint well. Joint tape gives a little extra support on the joint.
  • The mudding process is rather easy. Be sure all joints and screws are covered without adding too much joint compound. Too much mud will result in extra sanding and longer dry times.
  • When sanding, be sure to not over sand or you may expose the joint tape. You want to keep as much of the compound on the drywall as necessary to form a smooth surface.


Knowing a few things ahead of time about a drywall installation can help you with completing the project. If you have not done this type of project before or you have a lot to do, it is suggested that you hire a home improvement company to get it done. They have extensive experience and knowledgeable solutions to problems that will ensure the job is done properly and so that there are no problems down the road.

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