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Tips to Maintain Your Gutter System and Protect Your Home

home-1013tm-pic-2516No matter how good your home’s gutter system may look, there are times when problems will arise. Maintaining the gutter system is less costly when compared to having most parts of your house, if not the entire house, damaged by water that doesn’t drain properly. The best news is that most gutter issues can be easily fixed and are just simple steps that do not require professional handyman services. The following tips will help protect your gutters against the buildup of natural debris or shingle particles.


Install Downspout Extensions


The first and important step you need to take to protect your family is to create a maintenance schedule for downspout extensions. These should be cleaned at least twice a year and should be checked regularly for clogs. Additionally, inspect the gutters and extensions for rust, fungal growth, holes, and splash marks. Leaves and debris may also buildup during the fall season and should thus be inspected and cleared frequently.


Consider Automatic Downspout Extensions


These are a great way to redirect the water from your home when there is a clear path to a better disposal place for the water. Rollout downspout extensions are one of the best choice as they stay neat, unrolling themselves when it starts to rain and guide the water far enough away as you stay warm inside your house. This helps to reduce soil erosion and damage to the landscape.


Install Gutter Guards and Seal Any Leaks


Gutter guards are usually installed on top of the gutters to prevent clogging from leaves, debris, or pine needles. These are very important especially if there are large deciduous trees around that drop leaves that clog rain gutters, leading to spillovers, mold growth, or soil erosion. Moreover, before replacing an entire section of your gutter system, inspect first as it could require a repair of small leaks. If you identify any leaks, clean up the problem are by applying a gutter seal.


If you find that your gutter problems have gone too far, check with a professional team like Punch Out Plus in Columbus, Ohio.

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