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Trends in Cabinetry

Open Cabinet from Better Homes and Gardens You might not give your cabinets much of a second thought most of the time, but the truth is, there is a lot of consideration that goes into cabinets when you’re building a house or remodeling, and there are even some significant, trackable trends being noted by many in the carpentry service.


Both for functionality and appearance, homeowners are looking for certain things from their cabinets; here are a few:


  1. Hiding Appliances. More and more often, homeowners don’t want to show off their appliances anymore. Instead, they are opting for panels that slide over things like the dishwasher, trash compactor, or stove so that they are hidden when not in use.
  2. Display Pieces. Another trend is an open cabinet or two in the design to allow for displaying of certain pieces. The fine china, crystal, and the heirloom tea kettle you had hid away in a corner can now be set out on a display cabinet build right into your kitchen cabinetry.
  3. Maple. For now, maple is the #1 cabinet material in the United States. A lot of this is probably due to its versatility: while maple is naturally a light color, it takes stain well, so it can be stained into a broad range of colors.
  4. Accent Colors. Traditionally, all of your kitchen cabinets match. However, there’s now a trend to create an accent piece in a cabinet just like an accent wall. This may be a free standing hutch or an island that is completely different color. This is most effective when that color is also carried through the room in other ways.

Are any of these cabinet ideas you like or would use? What’s your favorite?

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